Nancy Pelosi Will Be In HUGE Trouble If This Video Clip Goes Viral

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may think nothing could jeopardize her job in Congress, but she may be in huge trouble if voters in her district see this one video clip.

DeAnna Lorraine announced on Monday that she is running as a Republican in the 12th District of San Francisco.

Lorraine, who is a popular YouTube host and conservative political commentator, will be trying to prevent Pelosi from winning re-election in 2020.

Lorraine’s video clip has scorched across social media and gained a lot of attention given she wasn’t afraid to call out Pelosi’s unpopular leadership.

“I’m bringing the issues right to Nancy Pelosi’s front door,” Lorraine told The Daily Wire. “Most of the issues in America, you can find Nancy Pelosi and her party at the head.”

“I don’t know anyone better who can fix those problems than an average, ordinary American. I think we can win this and show conservatives are here,” she added.

Lorraine continued, “Yes, I’m not a seasoned politician, but that is my asset. I’m down in the trenches with my fellow Americans and I’m dealing with what they are dealing with. I’m not sitting in a gate-guarded mansion totally out of touch with America.”

“I think the most important thing is we have someone who cares about fixing the real problems facing America. I don’t know anyone better who can fix those problems than an average, ordinary American. This is the time for Americans with no political background to do bold and extraordinary things,” she said.

The Republican candidates argues that her not being a politician is an advantage over the incumbent because people are sick and tired of the status quo in Washington.

In her video, Lorraine described Pelosi as far removed from the American people who continues to put illegal aliens and criminals above the American citizens who elected her into office.

And Lorraine is absolutely correct.

She was then asked if being a strong supporter of President Donald Trump will help or hurt her campaign.

“Let’s be honest, California is largely Democratic and I’m running in a heavily blue district, so it might hurt my campaign. If I were more moderate, it would be easier. Here’s the thing, though: We need strong conservatives in Congress who will support the president,” Lorraine said.

She added: “Now, I’m not going to be a cheerleader for the president. If there are things I disagree with, of course, I will say so — like “red-flag laws,” for instance. That being said, conservatives should not be afraid to run in blue districts like mine while supporting the president. If nothing else, it sends a message that we care about these issues and we will fight for them.”

The video below is powerful, motivating, and will certainly energize many voters who are sick of Pelosi’s failed leadership.


At first, most people might argue that Pelosi will never lose her election in the far-left district of San Francisco.

But recent polling indicates that Pelosi is very disliked in her own district, which makes her far more vulnerable than most people may think.

A recent poll from Real Clear Politics found that a whopping 52 percent of voters have an “unfavorable” view of Pelosi.

Just 33 percent of voters view Pelosi “favorably.”

Lorraine’s closing message in her video reminded citizens that “the way that she’s been running her own district is the way she will be running America.”

And if Lorraine’s video goes viral and she continues to build support — that will be bad news for Pelosi.

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