Not Good: He’s Been Indicted – Trump Is FURIOUS

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has made it clear the United States will stand with its strongest ally in the Middle East and that his administration will always defend Israel.

But the Jewish nation is currently in a state of turmoil after the its leader was just indicted for corruption charges.

According to, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on Thursday for corruption charges and is facing calls to resign.

Netanyahu has called the charges “false” and alleged that he is the victim of a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

Making matters even worse, it’s unclear how the situation will resolve itself.

Netanyahu may not face trial for two years, and it’s possible either the charges will be dropped by then or he could prove that he is innocent.

Either way, this has created even more instability in the region and resulted in leftist licking their chops at the thought of having Netanyahu removed. reported:

A cloud of legal trouble has hovered over Netanyahu for some time in relation to alleged wheeling and dealing with powerful friends in the media and the billionaire class.

Specifically, the Israeli leader has been accused of accepting lavish gifts and exchanging favors with publishers for positive press.

The indictment of a sitting prime minister has never happened in Israel’s history, making for a uniquely uncertain and precarious situation.

Indeed, Netanyahu’s indictments add to an already unprecedented political crisis: Israel has failed to form a new majority coalition government after uncertain elections in September, and political analysts say that the indictments likely forestall any possibility of the Likud party leader striking a deal with his chief foe, center-left Blue and White leader Benny Gantz.

“He, too, knows that the great and complex challenges facing the State of Israel, both in the security arena and in the social and economic arena, require a prime minister to invest all his time, energy and power,” Gantz wrote in a tweet.

With Netanyahu now formally indicted, it’s unclear what happens next.

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