NOT GOOD: Impeachment Witness LETS IT SLIP – Adam Schiff Devastated

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been leading the Democrats impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and it has completely imploded in recent weeks.

Every time the lying little Schiff releases new information to the public about the impeachment witch hunt, it further proves they have no case at all.

And now we have learned that a key witness in the impeachment witch-hunt against Trump just made a huge admission — and it’s devastating for Schiff.

Newly released transcripts from the deposition of Mark Sandy, an official at the White House Office of Management and Budget, reveal the truth about why the military aid to Ukraine was temporarily held.

One of Schiff’s star witnesses admitted that OMB was allegedly instructed to withhold aid to Ukraine because Trump was concerned “about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.”

New York GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin took to Twitter to respond to the release of the transcripts from the deposition, which happened on Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee.

Sandy made the revelation when he was asked what reason Michael Duffey, a politically appointed official at the OMB, was given by the White House on why the aid to Ukraine was to be delayed.

Here is the interaction where the revelation was made [emphasis added]:

Question: Between July 19th and July 22nd, including July 22nd, did Mr. Duffey provide you any explanation as to why the President wanted to place a hold on Ukraine security assistance?

Sandy: No.

Question: Did you ask?

Sandy: Yes.

Question: And what was the response?

Sandy: He was not aware of the reason.

Question: To the best of your recollection, what precisely did he say to you when you asked for the reason for the President’s decision to place a hold on security assistance?

Sandy: That he was not aware.

Question: Did Mr. Duffey say that he was going to try to get additional information as to the reason for the hold?

Sandy: Yes. He certainly said that if he got additional information he would share it with us.

Question: At any point in time, from the moment that you walked into the [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] to anytime in history, has Mr. Duffey ever provided to you a reason why the President wanted to place a hold on security assistance?

Sandy: I recall in early September an email [from Mike Duffey] that attributed the hold to the President’s concern about other counties not contributing money to Ukraine.

Question: Was this the first time that you heard that the hold might be about some sort of concern that other countries are not providing sufficient support to Ukraine?

Sandy: We had received information requesting — sorry. We had received requests for additional information on what other countries were contributing to Ukraine.

Sandy testified that the requests he received in September about how much other nations were contributing to Ukraine came from Duffey, not the president.

This is all related to partisan impeachment inquiry hearings over Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, where Democrats allege the president engaged in a quid pro quo.

Here’s the main takeaway: Trump was concerned that other nations weren’t contributing as much money to Ukraine as the United States.

Trump was also worried that the Ukrainian government, which has been plagued with corruption allegations for years, would not use the money from the U.S. for its intended purpose.

Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over this.

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