Obama CIA Director John Brennan Is DONE – He’s Been Caught

We have all been wondering for quite some time if and when we would see some of the Obama officials involved in the Deep State coup against President Donald Trump brought to justice, and that day may be closer than ever before.

Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are investigating the origins of the Russia investigation, and things have already gotten very interesting.

Last week, we learned that Durham shifted the probe into a criminal inquiry, meaning corrupt Obama-era officials could be held accountable.

Now, reports have surfaced that Durham is “very interested” in subpoenaing former intelligence officials James Clapper and John Brennan to testify.

Durham wouldn’t be on the verge of subpoenaing Clapper and Brennan — especially after making the investigation criminal — if he didn’t have evidence of wrongdoing.

Sources have stated that once that report is made public, it will be made very clear why the “origins” investigation being handled by Durham is now a criminal matter.

That is horrible news for high-ranking members of the Obama administration, the intelligence community, and the former president himself.

Breitbart reported, “According to a source familiar with the situation, Brennan has received word from his attorney that he may be contacted by Durham’s office, but Clapper has received no such communication at this time.”

There was already considerable speculation that both Brennan and Clapper were somehow involved.

Both Brennan and Clapper have made it clear they loathe Trump, and it’s obvious to many they likely played a big role in bending the rules to investigate Trump and push bogus Russia collusion hoaxes.

Barr and Durham shifting their investigation into the origins of the Russia probe into a criminal inquiry is a big deal.

This means that Barr and Durham now have the power to subpoena for witness testimony and documents, to convene a grand jury, and to file criminal charges.

That’s huge because it signals that Barr and Durham found evidence that Obama officials may have broken the law in the Russia investigation and spying on Trump.

Illegally spying on Trump’s campaign in an effort to take down him down is nothing short of treason, and it seems like certain Obama officials may actually get charged.

It certainly appears that Barr and Durham have already found evidence of criminal wrongdoing regarding the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.

They wouldn’t have turned their investigation into criminal inquiry if there wasn’t evidence of Obama officials potentially breaking the law.

We also just learned this week that the so-called whistleblower who filed a complaint over Trump’s Ukraine phone call is: (1) a registered Democrat; (2) worked for Obama and Joe Biden when they were in the White House; (3) is a vocal critic of Trump; (4) helped initiate the Russia “collusion” hoax; and (5) was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA.

The president has turned the tables, and the American people will soon learn of the corrupt actions taken by Obama and his allies to take down Trump.

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