Report: Obama Finally Makes His 2020 Pick

For almost three years, former President Barack Obama has sat back and stewed over President Donald Trump dismantling his disastrous legacy.

Obama has clearly been itching to get back into politics but was waiting for the “right” candidate to endorse.

And now the former president has apparently made his pick — Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Behind the scenes in recent months, Obama has been encouraging wealthy donors to support Warren’s campaign despite her repeated criticisms of Wall Street and the wealthy.

And if Warren becomes the nominee, Obama has said they must throw the entirety of their support behind her.

The Hill reports:

The former president has vouched for her credentials, making it clear in these private sessions that he deems her a capable candidate and potential president, sources say.

“He’s asked all of the candidates who have sought his advice three questions: Is your family behind you? Why you? And why now? She checked the box for all,” said one longtime Obama ally.

“I think he feels licensed to give an opinion on her because he’s ‘hired’ her,” the longtime Obama ally said.

“He obviously thinks she’s very smart,” one Democratic donor added. “He thinks her policy ideas matter. And I think he sees her running the campaign with the most depth.”

A source close to Obama said the former president would go to bat in the same way for any of the Democratic candidates running for president, pointing to comments Obama made last month.

“Look, we have a field that is very accomplished, very serious and passionate and smart people who have a history of public service, and whoever emerges from the primary process, I will work my tail off to make sure that they are the next president,” the former president said in a question-and-answer session at a Democracy Alliance event in Washington.

Obama’s apparent endorsement is simultaneously hilarious and mind-boggling.

For starters, while he has not officially endorsed Warren, it’s significant that he’s coddling donors behind the scenes to write her campaign big checks.

He wouldn’t be wasting his time, energy, and connections if he didn’t support Warren and want her as the Democratic nominee.

Otherwise, consider why he isn’t doing this for any other candidate, including Joe Biden, who served as his vice president for eight years and is currently running for president.

It was reported back in August that Obama told Biden, who served as his vice president for eight years, that running for president would be the biggest mistake of his life.

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