Obama Is DEVASTATED – His 2020 Plan Just Leaked

For almost three years, former President Barack Obama has sat back and stewed over President Donald Trump dismantling his disastrous legacy.

Obama will do almost anything to see Trump defeated. He can’t seek a third term in office and former First Lady Michelle Obama refuses to run for president.

So apparently Obama is working with his operatives to unveil a major 2020 initiative to combat Trump heading into the 2020 election.

Two Obama operatives — David Plouffe and Tara McGowan — told the New York Times they are launching a massive digital advertisement buy ahead of 2020 to convince voters that the president is corrupt and can’t possible serve another four years.

Obama’s two cronies are working with a nonprofit group called Acronym and a left-leaning political action committee to spend $75 million on anti-Trump advertisements in five battleground states: Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“If the things that need to happen don’t happen in these battleground states between now and May or June, our nominee will never have time to catch up,” said Plouffe, who managed former President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and was a key adviser to him in 2012.

Plouffe warned that Trump is way ahead of the game.

“There is an enormous amount of danger between now and then,” he said, noting that Obama had a similar advantage over Sen. Mitt Romney in 2012. “If the hole is too steep to dig out of, they’re not going to win.”

McGowan, the founder and chief executive of Acronym who was also a digital producer for Obama for America in 2011, said their campaign will focus on crafting a negative public perception of Trump before the primary election concludes.

Plouffe and McGowan made it clear that they plan to harm Trump’s image as much as possible to give the Democratic nominee time to “recover” after a brutal Democratic primary.

“Our nominee is going to be broke, tired, have to pull together the party and turn around on a dime and run a completely different race for a completely different audience. There is an enormous amount of danger between now and then,” Plouffe added. “If the hole is too steep to dig out of, they’re not going to win.”

Here’s the truth: Democrats are terrified of Trump’s financial war chest and advantage in digital advertising because it allows the president’s campaign to target just about every single voter in the country.

Rather than beat Trump with ideas and policies, the Left is ramming ahead with plans to spend just shy of one-hundred million dollars to smear, attack, and insult the president.

And for Obama’s part, he continues to use other people to do his dirty work.

If Obama has something to say about Trump, he should go public and say exactly what he wants to.

But he refuses to do that and continues to have his allies and cronies release statements for him, which almost always consist of him taking cheap shot at Trump.

The former president ought to just come out and put a name to his insults rather than talk tough from the shadows and his brand new $15 million mansion.

Obama thinks he knows how to beat Trump and wants Democrats to use his playbook for 2020 — but we all know how that will play out.

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