Parents Of Transgender School Shooter’s Main Concern, What Pronoun Used In Court

The parents of the younger shooter in the Colorado school shooting are more concerned about what pronoun is being used for their child than the shooting.

The shooter, born Maya McKinney, is listed as a 16-year-old female, but the child prefers the name Alec and wants to be known as a male, The New York Post reported.

McKinney was shackled at the wrists and ankles Wednesday when he appeared in court and responded to the judge’s questions in a clear but quiet voice, saying, “Yes, your honor,” and, “No, your honor.” His mother sat at his side.

The teen’s lawyers asked that the pronoun “he” be used for their client.

District attorney George Brauchler said he hasn’t decided whether to file adult charges against McKinney, whose age is the youngest at which Colorado law allows prosecutors to file adult charges without a judge’s review.

McKinney is being held on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, and is due back in court Friday.

He and Devon Erickson, 18, are accused of fatally shooting one classmate and wounding eight others at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math School in Highlands Ranch outside Denver.

By Carmine Sabia/The Federalist Papers

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