Pelosi Throws A Fit After Republican Stops Her $19 Billion Spending Plan

California Democrat House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi had a tantrum after one lone Republican representative blocked a $19 billion spending bill.

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy stood in the way of the bill that Pelosi wanted to pass by unanimous consent, but she did so after she dismissed the House for recess, CNN reported.

Lawmakers had hoped to advance the bill using unanimous consent which would quickly pass it out of the chamber. But it only takes one person to object to unanimous consent.

With Congress now in recess until June 3, it appears unlikely a vote would happen before then.

Roy cited the lack of money for the border — which Trump had sought — and the $19 billion price tag as two reasons for his objection. He also objected to approving a bill for $19 billion without all members getting the chance to vote on the measure.

Roy discussed his reasons objecting with reporters in the Capitol on Friday.

“The primary objection is really that we didn’t have a chance to vote. It’s the people’s House,” the congressman said.

“We’re not elected to have things pass through consent without debate. We should have had a vigorous debate and we should have a debate about why we’re not securing the border and why we’re spending money we don’t have,” he added.

Roy was also asked if he coordinated his move with anyone and said that he “gave a heads up to the Speaker’s office and Republican leadership,” and that there is “a significant amount of support among the [House GOP] conference for objecting given that it’s a Friday and this was dropped on our laps and we should have a debate, we should vote.”

The Speaker, who has been busy attacking President Donald Trump, stopped on Friday so she could have a temper tantrum following it in a statement.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after House Republicans objected to a disaster relief bill that the bipartisan Senate had just overwhelmingly agreed to:

“House Republicans’ last-minute sabotage of an overwhelmingly bipartisan disaster relief bill is an act of staggering political cynicism. Countless American families hit by devastating natural disasters across the country will now be denied the relief they urgently need.

“Our Democratic House passed two strong disaster relief bills this year to provide help and healing to families hit by floods, hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters. Now, after the President and Senate Republicans disrupted and delayed disaster relief for more than four months, House Republicans have decided to wage their own sabotage. Every day of Republican obstruction, more disasters have struck, more damage has piled up and more families have been left in the cold.

“Every House Republican needs to answer to the American people why they are standing in the way of urgently needed disaster relief for families struggling to heal and recover.”

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