In marriage, is personal space a necessity or a deception?



The Inner You Story

The husband and wife shared everything equally, they had everything in common except … the eternally locked drawer in the husband’s writing desk, the content of which the wife knew absolutely nothing about.

One day, the woman curiosity prevailed, and she opened the drawer. How great was the surprise of the wife when she discovered that the mysterious desk drawer was empty! Absolutely empty! “Why? ..” she was perplexed. He simply explained, because he needed at least a small, but his own space in his life.

Personal space is a necessity

There are things that we do not want to share even with the closest people. For example, you keep a diary and do not want it to be read by someone else. It’s normal and your favorite or beloved one should understand that there are things that you write for yourself, and you will feel unpleasant if someone breaks your personal space.

Every person should have their own private space, which their family members or relatives do not encroach upon and accuse them of deceit. By the way, the problems of parents and adolescents very often arise because of the lack of personal space. Parents continue to perceive their teenager kids as small children and invade all spheres of their life. Surely, most can relate to this.

Personal space is a way to hide deception

However, there is always a flip side to the coin. Sometimes under the pretext of personal space a person hides his deceit or treason. For example, he or she does not allow you to take their iPhone or doesn’t share password to their email. All this immediately gives rise to doubts and suspicions of infidelity.

Although in many cases, it is possible that your beloved one does not hide anything from you. It’s just unpleasant for them. They need their “box in the table.” After all, each of us is very different. Some people feel the need for personal space, and some are ready to open up completely.

Many of us go through similar situations – the husband or wife might flatly refuse to give their loved one their phone. Do we immediately suspect them of treason or deceit? Maybe, maybe not. But the refusal usually hurts the other person’s feelings. We must understand that some people require their personal space, in this case the phone is a personal space and it is unpleasant for that person when someone else uses it.

Your partner might easily give you their phone and not feel any discomfort at all. You might know all of your partner’s passwords, and they are totally fine with it. Each of us perceives our personal space in different ways.

What do you think – Is personal space a necessity or a deception?

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