Pope Francis Approves Use Of Chemical Castration Drug

The Vatican now supports the use of puberty blocker drugs for kids who want to halt and suppress their natural development into a man or woman. The Vatican’s new position on the issue raises red flags. Suppressing a child’s hormones is a form of chemical child abuse. Those who are confused or curious about their gender should not be encouraged to destroy their innate biology.

Pope St. John Paul II founded the Pontifical Academy for Life in 1994 to defend and promote “the value of human life and the dignity of the person.” Pope Francis has gutted the Academy of many of its members appointed during the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, removed its requirement that members sign a pro-life declaration, and expanded its mandate to include a focus on the environment. A number of the Academy’s new appointees disagree with or question Church teaching on contraceptionabortionhomosexuality, and euthanasia.

In the spirit of moral relativism, the Vatican no longer believes objectively in right or wrong, even when it comes to human biology. The Catholic Church knows it’s losing members. By loosening their moral standards they hope to attract new members. The Vatican essentially believes that Catholics should tolerate the behavior of others even when they disagree about the morality. Taking it a step further, Catholics are now told to tolerate a child’s sex change using puberty-blocking drugs even if they disagree with it. As a matter of fact, Laura Palazzani, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and of the National Bioethics Committee recently endorsed the wide-scale funding of these drugs in the Italian National Health Services.

Vatican support youth with gender dysphoria to get puberty-blocking drugs from the National Health Services

That’s right: The Vatican’s Laura Palazzani endorsed the decision of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to make the drug triptorelin (Trp) available through taxpayer funding in the National Health Services. According to Palazzani, the drug should be used “only in very circumscribed cases, with caution, with a case by case evaluation.” The comments were published in the March 2nd issue of the Official Journal. Now teens with gender dysphoria can claim they want to kill themselves in order to get the drug that allows their innate biology to be suppressed. In some cases, adolescents who want to change their gender will inflict self harm if they don’t get the hormone blocking drugs that are designed to make them feel more like a male or female.

Children who are confused about their gender – who have been encouraged to question it and change it – are now being encouraged by the Vatican to block their hormones when they hit 10 to 12 years old. Several doctors and lawyers, including the Scienza & Vita and Rosario Livatino Study Center warn against the unknown risks of the drug and the psychological issues that come after adolescents are allowed to go down this life path.

There are serious underlying endocrine and psychological issues that would make a child want to use drugs to experiment with their gender expression. By making this anti-puberty drug available to them, society is telling these confused adolescents to commit self harm to their endocrine system, their mind, and their innate biology. The consequences that come from these changes can be life long, perpetuating mental illness and heightening the risk of further self harm in the future. When adolescents are drugged to induce biological changes, there becomes a misalignment between the physical and cognitive development of the child.

As the Vatican endorses this gender-bending ideology, there will be global repercussions for the Catholic Church, as members are forced to tolerate the biological and hormonal mutilation of children. Now encouraged to choose against their innate gender, more youth will face mass confusion and mental illness. This will cause a breakdown in the family structure and decadent departure from healthy child upbringing.

Dr. Cretella advised that puberty blockers are neither antidepressants nor antipsychotics. They aren’t used to treat mental illness, and puberty blockers have significant side effects.

“When given to a physically healthy child with gender dysphoria, puberty blockers induce a disease state called hypogonadotropic hypogonadism which impairs fertility, halts normal brain development and stunts growth for as long as they are on the medication,” she said.

“Even when used appropriately to treat physical diseases such as precocious puberty in children, as well as prostate cancer and endometriosis in adults, blockers have been associated with negative long term side effects including severe osteoporosis, long term memory problems and an increased risk for testicular cancer,” the pediatrician continued.

“In sum, giving puberty blockers to a physically healthy child who suffers from gender dysphoria always violates the long standing medical ethics principle of ‘first do no harm.’”

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