PR Expert Reveals Secret That Proves Melania Is More Authentic Than Michelle

A communication specialist who has written about Melania Trump just explained why he thinks Melania Trump is more authentic than Michelle Obama.

Jadan Horyn didn’t stop there and said Melania was more authentic than Hillary or Nancy Reagan. The reason?

According to Horyn, Melania stays out of politics. Melania seems to have an absolute distaste for politics and people like that.

He says she has an air of mystery (many don’t know where she stands or if she approves of some of Trump’s tougher policies) the overtly political Obama and Clinton did not.

In an interview with the UK Express Horyn said:

“Michelle Obama was inevitably political, she could not be separated from Barack the candidate as opposed to Barack the President.

She was one of his number one campaign vouchers. Yes, she is the most popular former First Lady, but everyone is generally more popular the less they talk about politics.

When they tie her to Barack Obama and Barack Obama as a politician her popularity goes down. So I don’t think she was effective in the same way as Melania Trump.

Because they tried to win this very fine line between her being a mother and doing her gardening. It was a very kind of PR-made persona.

Whereas, it is quite clear from Melania that this is not conducted in some massive avenue advertising process. It is who she is and it is who she wants to communicate to the American public.

So to me, there is an element of authenticity which is why she is so mysterious to both the left and the right.

When you look at Nancy Reagan or Lady Bird Johnson, all of these women embodied the idea of a First Lady with this primary role to support their husband.

And that’s all they existed for. But that’s not Melania. Melania for herself has chosen and redefined the role of First Lady.

She did it in a way that works for her, not a way that works for the left or even for the rest of the American public.”

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