Trump Reveals His 2020 Running Mate

Rumors have been circulating for months that President Donald Trump is planning to pick a new running mate for his 2020 ticket.

Looking for anything to harm the president’s chances of winning re-election, many in the liberal mainstream media desperately want Americans to believe that Trump will select someone other than Vice President Mike Pence.

But Trump just settled the case and stated the obvious.

Trump called in to Fox & Friends on Friday morning and made it clear that Pence will be his running mate in the next election.

Towards the end of the 53-minute conversation, co-host Ainsley Earhardt brought up the rumor about Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley as a potential replacement for Pence.

The Haley rumors took off last week when notorious leftist George Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, accused Haley of being willing to “say anything” in order to be named as Trump’s running mate.

Trump blasted George as a “whack job” while praising Kellyanne as being “great.”

Then, Trump confirmed that Pence is no doubt the man and staying on the ticket.

“But you know what, Mike Pence is a great vice president. He’s our man, 100%,” Trump said.

“And Nikki will absolutely be involved. She’s a friend of mine, she endorsed me with the most beautiful endorsement you’ve ever heard. “She did a great job at the U.N.,” Trump said.

“She’s now in the private sector, I assume she’s doing very well, but Nikki will be back in some form because she’s great and she’s my friend,” he added.

“But no, Mike Pence — I’ve seen this rumor that keeps popping up — and Nikki would be great, but Mike has done a phenomenal job as vice president,” Trump said. “He’s our guy, he’s my friend and, look, we have a great team. It’s been a very strong team.”


So there you have it: Pence is Trump’s vice-presidential pick in the 2020 election.

It’s a shame that this even had to be addressed, but the liberal media has proven they will continue to spread as much fake news as they can to harm the president.

Haley has publicly stated that she is not trying to be Trump’s running mate and that she supports Pence.

Back in August, Haley tried knocking down false rumors about Pence’s place on the 2020 Republican ticket.

“Enough of the false rumors. Vice President Pence has been a dear friend of mine for years. He has been a loyal and trustworthy VP to the President. He has my complete support,” Haley said.

Trump announced at the time that he was “very happy” with Pence and planned to keep him as his running mate in the 2020 election.

“I think Mike Pence has been an outstanding VP,” Trump told reporters in New Jersey.

“I think that he has been incredible in terms of the love that a lot of people, especially if you look at the evangelicals and so many the others, they really have a great respect for the vice president, and so do I. And so do I think most people,” he added.

Trump sticking with Pence is not surprising.

The Trump-Pence ticket was very powerful in 2016, and Democrats should be very worried about how well the two Republicans will do together on the campaign trail together again in 2020.

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