President Trump Decides Not To Implement Quarantine On NY, NJ

The words of the President of the United States are important to the nation, and this is especially true during a time of crisis.

And when you are President Donald Trump, where the media examines your every word to attack you, you have to be extremely careful about your words.

That is why President Trump announced that he is considering ceasing using the terms “Wuhan Virus” and “China Virus” to refer to coronavirus.

The Democrats and media have called the president a racist for weeks as he has stressed that the virus originated in China.

“Did President Xi — Mr. President, did President Xi ask you to — to calm that language down or to not use that language?” a reporter said at the president’s press briefing.

“He never asked me to calm it,” the president said as the reporter began to interrupt, but President Trump continued.

“I think it was time though, because, you know, I talk about the Chinese virus and — and I mean it.  That’s where it came from.

“You know, if you look at Ebola, if you look at all — Lyme.  Right?  Lyme, Connecticut.  You look at all these different, horrible diseases, they seem to come with a name with the location.

“And this was a Chinese virus.  But I don’t have to say it, if they feel so strongly about it.  We’ll see,” he said.

“But, you know, we have — we just made a great deal with China — great, hopefully, for both parties.  But we’ve made a deal with China and we’re going to do another one, it looks like.

“They want to do it very badly.  Maybe they want to wait, like Iran.  They want to wait to see whether or not Trump gets beaten in the election because would they love to negotiate with Biden or somebody else other than me.  They would love it.  That’s their best dream in the world.  So many others,” he said.

“So, there are some that maybe are, you know, waiting until after November 3rd, the Election Day.  But I think we’re doing very well.

“It would be sad if we blew all of the advantages that we have right now because we’ve made unbelievable trade deal.  Whether it’s Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, and others, we have — we have changed the whole thing around,” he said.

Yes the trade deals are important and the president should keep them but it was not he who started this entire thing.

It was China who accused the United States of planting the virus in Wuhan and insisted that it was not to blame for the pandemic that has affected the world.

That is why the president stressed the fact that it came from China to start with. But the media has reported that Asian Americans have been attacked since the president started using that term.

“The deliberate use of terms like ‘Chinese virus’ has definitely fanned the flames of racism toward Asian Americans in this country,” John C. Yang, president and executive director of the civil rights group Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAAJ, said to NBC News.

“We have seen people associate the virus with Chinese people as they are assaulting them. It’s outrageous for any elected official to have been dismissive when the evidence of racist attacks continues to climb. Words matter and they often hold more weight when spoken by our politicians.”

Blaming President Trump for attacks on Asian Americans is a stretch but if it keeps people safer to not say it then it is worth it.

No one should be blamed for the virus other than the communist Chinese government.

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