President Trump STABBED In The Back – White House Emergency 

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been leading the Democrats impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and it has completely imploded in recent weeks.

As more information becomes available to the public, the American people are seeing that the lying little Schiff has no case at all against the president.

However, one of Schiff’s cherry-picked witnesses came through for him this week and told him exactly what he needed to keep going after Trump.

While testifying before Schiff’s committee on Wednesday, Ambassador Gordon Sondland stabbed Trump in the back and left the White House fuming.

Sondland went after Trump during the hearing and claimed there was a “quid pro quo” on Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president back on July 25.

Sondland pushed Democrats talking points and claimed the president did want Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for the U.S. delivering military aid to them.

Politico reported:

President Donald Trump’s top Europe envoy Gordon Sondland told House impeachment investigators Wednesday that Trump conditioned a valuable White House meeting for Ukraine’s new president on his willingness to launch investigations into Trump’s Democratic adversaries, including former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Was there a ‘quid pro quo?’” Sondland — a close Trump ally and longtime GOP donor — said in his opening remarks to the House Intelligence Committee. “The answer is yes.”

Sondland said exactly what Schiff wanted him to.

Sondland acknowledged that his memory “has not been perfect,” adding that he does not regularly take notes and that the State Department has not given him access to all of his phone records and emails.

He said the process would have been “more transparent” if the State Department would have provided the documents.

This initially played into the hands of Democrats and created chaos in the White House, Politico notes.

However, Republicans were quick to correct the record and note that Sondland contradicted himself on the same day during his testimony.

As noted by House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Sondland later testified that he “NEVER heard the president say there were conditions on aid to Ukraine.”

Schiff has been tasked with leading House Democrats impeachment hearings, but things have not been going well for him.

Earlier this week, a top Democrat went public and flipped on Schiff by saying he is against the impeachment inquiry into the president.

Last week, Schiff got busted spreading a verifiable lie about one of his impeachment witnesses.

Tim Morrison, the departing Senior Director of European and Russian Affairs under Trump, testified that he listened to Trump’s Ukraine call.

Morrison said the president did not discuss anything illegal on the call, never mentioned that U.S. military aid would be withheld, and that Ukrainian officials were not aware of aid being withheld when the phone call happened in July.

Schiff is so incompetent that he recently released a transcript from one of the committee’s interviews and forgot to redact the name of the whistleblower.

While telling everyone not to expose the whistleblower, Schiff literally released a transcript with the name of the whistleblower.

Democrats impeachment plan has backfired in spectacular fashion, and we know the “whistleblower” is nothing more than a partisan hack trying to take down the president.

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