Putin Bombshell Leaks About Joe’s Pay-For-Play Scheme – Biden Is DONE

Democrats have been obsessed with Russia for over two years. But now that there’s evidence of the top 2020 Democratic candidate potentially colluding with Russia — no one on the Left seems to care.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said at a 2004 speaking engagement that he tried to persuade Russia to join the United States in the Iraq War in 2003 by offering Russia President Vladimir Putin oil profits of up to $12 billion to pay off their foreign debt.

In a transcript of the Kennedy Library event, Biden said that he and an unnamed Republican senator spoke directly with Putin in 2003 about the plan and that the Russian president was “open” to the idea.

Biden’s pay-for-play scheme didn’t materialize because the Bush administration never responded to his idea at the time.

During his speech, Biden called his efforts “creative diplomacy” and said, “Just imagine what we might have been able to do.”

Biden said he thought former President George W. Bush wanted to keep the oil profits for the U.S., but then admitted that America didn’t go to war for oil.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Biden says Putin’s response to him was initially dismissive, but that they ended up getting into the details.

“[Putin] said, ‘Oh, that’s not how I base my policy, but let’s talk about that,'” Biden said. “Then we went into some detail.”

Biden says he called the White House to relay his conversation with Putin, but much to his dismay, none of the details ever reached the president.

“I picked up the phone and called the administration,” Biden explained. “He was on his way to Crawford. I said, ‘You have a way here.’ This is a little bit of creative diplomacy. ‘You have a way. I can tell you,’ and we relayed in detail Putin’s responses to our inquiries. I later learned not a single word was mentioned.”

Biden indicated his belief that Putin would have taken the deal and joined the invasion of Iraq if the deal was presented to him by Bush.

“Imagine, just imagine, had in fact we worked out a little deal with the Russians,” Biden said, “that the proceeds that would win foreign debt was being paid down, that we would agree that the Russians would be first among equals, because they’re so starved.”

Biden accused the Bush administration of dismissing his plan to buy Putin’s support with oil money due to its unwillingness to share the resources. 

In other words, Biden tried to buy Putin’s support for the war by promising to give him billions of dollars in oil money.

That sure sounds like collusion, right?

This bombshell comes less than a month after Biden’s younger brother, James, was accused of defrauding a Tennessee rural healthcare company.

James Biden and his partner allegedly defrauded a business and tried to sell it out to Turkish investors.

The former VP seems to have perfected Hillary Clinton’s playbook of mixing politics and business.

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