Rachel Maddow Demands Media Stop Airing Trump’s Coronavirus News Conferences

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow fancies herself to be a news reporter, but anyone with the ability to think and reasons can see what she is.

She is a propagandist for the Democratic Party, and she takes that role very seriously as she promotes anti-President Donald Trump propaganda on a daily basis.

Her latest cause celbre is to demand, and essentially threaten, President Trump by calling on network to stop carrying his daily coronavirus daily briefings, which would endanger Americans who are not able to get needed information.

“The president loves saying things like, you know, ‘There’s a drug we’ve got, it’s very effective. It approved already. Everybody is going to get it.’ He loves saying things like that because that would be a lovely thing to be able to tell people,” Maddow said.

“Unless, of course, that’s not true, and telling people a fairy tale like that is cruel and harmful and needlessly diverting and wildly irresponsible from anyone in any leadership role.

“It’s actually wildly responsible if someone said that to you from a barstool if any of us could go to bars anymore, but to get from the presidential podium?” the host said.

“There may be other people in the federal government saying things that are true, but these daily briefings from the White House are a litany of things from the president that would be awesome if they were true, if they were happening, but they’re not.

“And so the sooner we come to terms with that, I think the better for all of us,” she said on Friday.

“If it were up to me, and it’s not, I would stop putting those briefings on live TV. Not out of spite, but because it’s misformation.

“If the president does end up saying anything true, you can run it as tape. But if he keeps lying like he has been every day on stuff this important, all of us should stop broadcasting it. Honestly, it’s going to cost lives,” she said.

But let’s cut to the chase shall we? The president’s poll numbers have skyrocketed since he started doing these daily briefings.

In an ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed on Friday 55 percent of Americans approve of the way that President Trump has handled the coronavirus crisis and 43 percent disapprove.

Last week, before the consistent briefings by the president the numbers showed that 43 percent of those surveyed approved of the president’s handling of the crisis and 54 percent disapproved.

“Over the course of a week, the president has shifted his approach and tone, giving daily briefings on the crisis since Saturday, alongside the White House task force leading the response to the coronavirus and announcing some severe measures to combat the virus. He’s also taken on a more somber tone, saying of his own tenor ‘people actually liked it’ as the reality of the scale of the virus set in,” ABC News said.

The numbers are increasing in the president’s favor and if and when he helps to lead the nation out of this crisis his November victory is going to be all but sealed.

That is what Maddow’s concern is. She can see the landslide coming as the Democrats prepare to nominate a man who is near 80-years-old and showing signs of mental deficiencies.

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