Rand Paul Stuns With Vaccine Safety Truth Live On TV

Sen. Rand Paul stated  during a senate hearing “Even the government admits that children are sometimes injured by vaccines”. Senator, who is a close friend of President Trump, pushes to stop mandatory government vaccinations.

Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday railed against government-mandated vaccines, suggesting they infringe on personal rights, during a congressional hearing on immunizations.

Paul, a libertarian who is a close ally of President Trump, spoke during a Senate Health committee hearing intended to highlight the risks to the general population when families don’t get their children vaccinated.

‘It is wrong to say that there are no risks to vaccines,’ said Paul, a Republican. ‘Even the government admits that children are sometimes injured by vaccines,’ he continued. ‘I still don’t favor giving up on liberty for a false sense of security.’ 

Paul said that he, his wife, and children all had been vaccinated, but he was not a ‘fan of government coercion,’ and that sometimes vaccine requirements have ‘run amok.’

‘We have an opportunity, and in my view, an obligation, to work together to solve this public health crisis,’ wrote Dr. Kyle Yasuda, the group’s president.

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