RED ALERT: State Of Emergency Declared – Militias Storming Capitol

Things have gotten very serious in Virginia — and it appears it’s about to get much worse for those who support the Second Amendment.

Citizens and militia groups prepare for a Jan. 20 march on Richmond in protest of Democrats’ shameless gun control measures.

In response, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency in an attempt to disarm the citizens from exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms and First Amendment rights to free speech and protest.

Northam issued Executive Order 49 on Wednesday, a “declaration of a state of emergency due to potential civil unrest at the Virginia state capitol.”

Northam shamelessly likened the upcoming march to the white nationalist event that turned into a disaster in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, saying he would “never let it happen again.”

“Credible intelligence gathered by Virginia’s law enforcement agencies indicates that tens of thousands of advocates plan to converge on Capitol Square for events culminating on January 20, 2020,” Northam wrote in the order.

“Available information suggests that a substantial number of these demonstrators are expected to come from outside the Commonwealth, may be armed, and have as their purpose not peaceful assembly but violence, rioting, and insurrection,” he added.

The executive order bans all firearms and weapons on the Capitol Square and surrounding areas — but then takes an even more sickening twist.

Northam specifically listed personal protective gear such as helmets and shields as weapons in his order.

Of course, these rules don’t apply to the armed state employees who will confront the protesters or any Antifa members, the left-wing vigilantes who wear riot gear and assault Trump supporters at rallies with bats, chains, and other weapons.

Make no mistake: there is a major fight brewing and it only seems to be getting much worse.

We have Northam pushing arguably the most anti-gun measures to date that are clearly infringe on the Second Amendment.

With tens of thousands of angry people now ready to flex their Second Amendment rights in a march on Richmond, Northam and Democrats labeling them as racists who want to kill people is not go over well.

There are now reports of defenses being hardened around the capitol itself.

In one image, workers can be seen erecting barricades for next week’s protest.

It appears Northam is literally trying to barricade the pro-gun Americans in a giant cage during the rally, and he is trying to ban anyone from legally carrying a firearm at the protest or anywhere near it.

Consider that: the Democratic governor is not asking but demanding with the full power of his office that Americans give up their legal right to carry a firearm.

But what happens if people, thousands of them, do show up with lawfully held firearms?

What is Northam going to do? What will he order police to do? Will law enforcement refuse Northam’s orders to infringe on American’s legal right to carry a firearm?

The ramifications of Northam’s executive order could not only cause chaos in the Old Dominion, but also shake our very nation itself.

With the massive protest less than a week away, all eyes are on Virginia.

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