Rush Limbaugh Drops A Bomb About Running For President

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has long been known as someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone.

He tells it like it is, without fear. Which is why he is one of the most prominent, powerful, and well-known voices in all of politics.

But could Rush be thinking about running for office in the near future?

The short answer: maybe.

While taking a call on his radio program Thursday afternoon, a man from Ohio named Tim called and kicked things off with a joke.

“I have a little trivia question. What is the only difference between President Trump and Rush Limbaugh? Answer: Trump was willing to take a pay cut,” Tim said.

Rush found the joke hilarious, responding, “I was gonna say, ‘One’s president and one’s not.'”

That led to Tim telling Rush that he needed to run for president in 2024 — and Limbaugh seemed to entertain the idea.

Limbaugh slightly deflected by arguing that he wouldn’t be able to survive the media onslaught that President Trump has dealt with for years, but Tim doubled down and pressed him again.

“And not to include (sic), you always say, listeners don’t translate to votes. However, you can look at Donald Trump. He had the number one show on TV, and those translated to votes. So I think Rush 2024 is the ticket,” Tim said.

Rush responded: “Well, now, that’s a good point. My point with that… My point in saying, There’s a big difference in getting votes and getting audience, is that politicians really can’t win being hated by very many people. I mean, the people that support a politician have to genuinely like or even love that person. Now, the opposition will hate. But this radio program can thrive with a certain percentage of the audience hating, as long as I keep giving them the reason to.”

Limbaugh closed out the call on a lighthearted note.

RUSH: Let’s see (muttering), 2024, (mumbling) it’s five years. Yeah, that’d put me right there about the Trumpster’s age.

CALLER: So, I mean, perfect.

RUSH: Well… (laughing) We’ve come a long way from the moments I would automatically disabuse people of this notion. I did not. I did not. I did not automatically disabuse Tim of the notion here. That’s true, I didn’t.

It’s unlikely that Limbaugh would give up his gigantic radio program to run for office, but anything is possible.

Proving his point about the “drive-by media endlessly attacking him,” liberals just unveiled their latest plot to try and take him off the air.

They don’t want Limbaugh to continue exposing the dirty tricks and corruption of the Democratic Party.

Earlier this week, Rush played an audio clip confirming that former President Barack Obama spied on President Trump.

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