Rush Limbaugh Drops Bombshell About Michelle Obama Running For President

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has built a reputation on being a straight shooter and talking about issues that many in the leftist media refuse to cover.

Limbaugh also has a creative mind and thinks outside of the box, and he just dropped a bombshell about former First Lady Michelle Obama running for president in 2020.

During a segment Friday on his program, Limbaugh predicted that the former first lady might decide to run for the presidency — but there’s a twist.

Limbaugh thinks Michelle will announce a presidential run when the Democratic primaries are wrapping up early next year.

“Don’t be surprised if she gets in the Democrat presidential primary race after the primaries. Don’t be surprised. I think the Obamas are looking at this as, ‘The primaries? That’s beneath us. We’re not gonna enter the primaries,'” Limbaugh began.

“They’ll let these people fight it out, spend all their money, and then when it looks like none of them has a chance of beating Trump, here comes Michelle (My Belle) Obama at the latter moments of the campaign to jump into the fray and save the day for the Democrat Party,” Limbaugh added.

Rush added: “Do not be surprised if this happens. Headline, New York Daily News: “’Michelle Obama Is ‘Most Admired’ Woman in the World, New Poll Says — According to a recent poll, which surveyed 42,000 people in 41 countries, the former First Lady topped the list as the ‘Most Admired Woman in the World.”

“She even beat out her BFF, The Oprah. Now, what does this mean? Does it actually mean that Michelle Obama is the most admired woman in the world? Well, maybe. But it means to me that we are greatly lacking in female heroes, and that only leftist women are promoted in ways that would make people admire them. But, I mean, if this is the case, there must be a small pool of people out there to choose from,” he added.

Limbaugh then detailed how he thinks the 2020 political race will go and what the outcome for Democrats will be.

“They’re gonna let these people eat each other up and spit each other out, beat each other up because this is gonna happen. In order to survive this, they’re gonna have to tear down their opponents, and that is gonna cause damage,” Limbaugh added.

“And after enough of that happens, the Obamas will survey the landscape, they will not pull the trigger and get in if they don’t think it is a lock that she would win. The last thing the Obamas can afford is for Michelle to get in there and not win,” he added.

Limbaugh also has another theory about why Michelle would run for president.

He explained that he believes President Obama sees President Donald Trump dismantling his failed legacy and is furious about it.

As such, the former president may be intrigued by the idea of the former first lady running for president in order to preserve what is left of his legacy.

So his theory is that she may be intrigued to run so that she can save the legacy of her husband — or what is left of it.

Limbaugh also said he thinks she would only run if the Obamas were convinced her election was a sure thing and that she could actually win.

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