Rush Limbaugh Drops Nancy Pelosi Truth Bomb That No One Saw Coming

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has long been known as someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone. He tells it like it is, without fear.

And that’s exactly what Limbaugh did this week when he dropped a bombshell about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that no one saw coming.

During a segment on his radio program, Limbaugh noted how Pelosi and her Democratic allies use the media as a tool to spread misinformation about President Donald Trump.

Since Trump took office, the media continue to run “bombshell” stories that almost always turn out to be totally false.

Limbaugh said the American people know the media is outright lying, and eventually people are going to completely stop believing them.

This, Rush argues, will be devastating for Pelosi.

If Democrats lose their platforms to spread lies, how else will they be able to mislead people?

Below is a transcript from Limbaugh’s show:

Their media keeps lying to them, keeps misleading them. But now, I told you. I told you late last week and the beginning of this week that this is beginning to take its toll, that I don’t care how mixed up these people are, there reaches a point where even they are gonna stop trusting these people and stop listening to them.

Especially if there’s no apology, if there’s no acknowledgment that we got it wrong. If people like Nancy Pelosi and others keep pummeling it, people can’t hang on to this with that much passion and energy. It’s just going to dwindle. It’s gonna flitter away. There is now developing a larger mistrust of the media by the media’s own audience, and I think you see it in these audience figures. MSNBC and CNN lost nearly a third of their respective prime time audiences compared to this time last year. It was the same three months ago.

It is a constant decline to now, for CNN and MSNBC. Well, CNN never did have much of an audience outside the airports. They would top out at a million. MSNBC, at one point, had four or five million. They’re down now to barely over a million. They’ve lost practically 80% of it. It is a continuous slide. I think what’s worth noting is that the ratings for these outlets and the circulation and subscription sales for the New York Times, Washington Post and all that.

Rush’s point is that liberal media networks like CNN are necessary for Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats to continue their anti-Trump crusade.

There’s no real evidence to back their attacks on Trump, but the media still continues to support them and repeat whatever lies Democrats tell them to.

Rush’s bold comments came after liberals unveiled their latest plot to try and take him off the air.

They don’t want Limbaugh to continue exposing the dirty tricks and corruption of the Democratic Party.

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