Rush Limbaugh Risks It All Expose Shocking Bombshell About Ilhan Omar

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has long been known as someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone. He tells it like it is, without fear.

And that’s exactly what Limbaugh did this week when he took a major risk to expose a shocking bombshell about radical Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

During a segment Tuesday on his radio program, Limbaugh spoke about Omar wearing her hijab on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, how she abides by a radical “Islamist faith,” and clearly has a hatred towards Jews.

“Now, let’s move to Ilhan Omar. This is one of these many circumstances where nobody has the guts to say what’s really going on here, particularly in the Democrat Party,” Limbaugh began.

“So Ilhan Omar, she’s from Minnesota, and she won fame for demanding to be able to wear the headpiece, the hijab on the floor of the House of Representatives. And everybody, ‘Oh, sure, whatever you want! Just don’t blow us up. Whatever you want. Just don’t do any terrorism. If you want to wear it, wear it,’” he continued.

Limbaugh said he didn’t care about the “repercussions” and was going to say what “nobody has the guts to say” about Omar’s radical faith.

He then cited several examples of Omar making anti-Semitic comments, arguing,“So she got the idea that nobody was gonna oppose her. She hates Jews. She’s more than an anti-Semite. She’s from Somalia. She is an Islamist.”

He continued: “And she hates Jews. Jews are the problem in the world to her and many other people like her. And so when the Democrats have these ceremonies where they have to pledge solidarity with Israel, well, Omar doesn’t participate. Screw you! The Jews are the problem! I’m not gonna swear allegiance to Israel!”

He makes an interesting point, which is why he is one of the most listened to and well-respected conservative voices in America.

Limbaugh closed out the segment by questioning when Democrats will “stop lying” and just admit their party has a problem with bigotry and racism.

“Why do they have to keep asserting this? Because the Democrat Party is the home of racism. And the Democrat Party is the home of bigotry, mean spirited bigotry,” Limbaugh said.

“The Democrat Party is the home of all kinds of intolerance. They invent it. And that’s why when one of their members appears to go outside the boundaries, they have to move in fast and make these assertions so that the media can continue this hoax that the Democrats are clean and pure as the wind-driven snow,” he added.

The Democrat Party has proven time and time again that it’s home to all kinds of intolerance.

Limbaugh’s point was that every time Omar makes a controversial, racist, or anti-Semitic comment, Democrats rush to defend her and claim that people are only criticizing her because she is Muslim.

To Rush’s point, there are countless examples of Omar making comments that Democrats should wholeheartedly denounce.

The past week alone has been catastrophic for Omar.

Omar stunned many on Monday when asked if she is “pro-Al Qaeda” and would condemn a left-wing Antifa member who was killed over the weekend after trying to attack an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Tacoma, Washington.

Omar’s response? Silence.

She refused to condemn al Qaeda or the far left group Antifa.

Late last week, she questioned the patriotism of American-born citizens and claimed that she “probably loves this country more than anyone who is naturally born” in the country.

Things are so bad for Omar that allegations resurfaced on Wednesday that she married her own brother.

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