Rush Shares Sickening Clip, Says Biden’s DONE After What He Did To A Woman

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden refuses to keep his hands to himself — and conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh thinks this may be the last straw.

During a campaign stop in Iowa, a woman said an interaction with Biden made her “really uncomfortable” because he would not stop grabbing her hand.

The woman, a teacher who wanted to ask Biden about collective bargaining, said Biden should have asked before holding onto her hand throughout their more than a minute long interaction.

“I think that he means well but, you know, he grabbed my hands right away and that was really uncomfortable,” she told the Examiner. “He was very close and, in my mind, I’m like, this is part of our problem: Not recognizing that you need to ask first, or can I shake your hand? Not just grab your hands and hang onto them. That bothers me.”

Video of the “really uncomfortable” interaction shows Biden holding her hand several different ways.

Biden can also be seen attempting to pull the women closer to him during the bizarre exchange.


Limbaugh said he thinks this will be the final blow to Biden’s 2020 campaign.

In recent months, countless woman have accused Biden of being inappropriate and toughing them without their permission.

As Rush noted, the Iowa woman in the clip above is an admitted Democrat.

Biden’s behavior was so inappropriate that she went directly to the media to complain about his “concerning” and “uncomfortable” behavior.

That, Rush said, may be a turning point that sinks Biden’s campaign.

Below is a partial transcript of Limbaugh’s comments:

The Washington Examiner has a story with this headline. It just cleared. I just got it. “’You Need to Ask First’: Iowa teacher blasts Biden for grabbing her hands when she asked him a question — Joe Biden left an Iowa teacher unimpressed with his canned response to her question.


There’s no changing this guy. He’s handsy, he massages you, grabs you and puts his hands on your shoulders and so forth.

And he doesn’t let go. Then he leans in and kisses you or whispers something in your ear. I’ve started doing it when women ask me to pose for a picture. I say, “Do you mind if I act like I’m Biden?” They say, “What?” So I demonstrate. (interruption) Oh, no, when you ask you can do it.

So I do it. I now pose as Joe Biden for the fun of it. This guy cannot win.

Biden’s behavior is so bad that even the mainstream media criticized him after he disgustingly had his hands all over a 10-year-old girl during a campaign stop.

With all of this considered — Rush thinks there’s no way Biden can hang on and secure the Democratic nomination.

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