Schiff’s New Scheme To Get Trump Backfires In Embarrassing Way

Adam Schiff just launched a new plan to take down Trump and it backfired in an embarrassing way.

Schiff thinks he can fine Trump $25k a day – which is most definitely not in the Constitution or ever been tried and upheld by a judge before. In short, he can’t.

But that is not the most embarrassing part of Schiff’s scheme. Trump is a billionaire a few times over and can easily swat away these fines.

To say nothing of using his campaign to pay any fines Schiff convinces a court to charge. Also, remember what Obama and Holder did and the GOP never dared do something as stupid as to try to fine POTUS.

Eric Holder was held in contempt and just yesterday the case was finally settled – 7 years later. Seven years it took the courts to make a decision and Schiff and Pelosi want to go nuclear right now?

Without letting Barr, who released a lot of the Mueller report he did not have to, negotiate? Worse, Adam Schiff now believes that he has the power, although it is not in the constitution, to start fining people $25,000 a day if they refuse to participate in his witch hunt. What a disgrace. From MSN:

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said on Friday that House Democrats are considering fines on Trump administration officials in order to enforce contempt actions.

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