Ouch! Ginsburg Comes Out AGAINST Latest Pipe Dream From Democrats

It’s often overlooked, but arguably the most important element of the GOP’s victory in the 2016 presidential election was taking control of the Supreme Court.

Had Hillary Clinton won, it’s likely that there would be at least two liberal judges on the Court for the foreseeable future.

But something weird has been happening lately involving liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has been smacking down Democrats absurd policies and siding with President Donald Trump on key battles.

While speaking at Georgetown University on Wednesday night, RBG was asked about Democrats’ latest push to ratify the so-called Equal Rights Amendment.

Ginsburg shocked the crowd by saying trying to revive an effort that started in the 1970s is pointless and that’s it’s time to move on.

“I would look to see a new beginning,” Ginsburg said, adding that there’s “too much controversy about late-comers.”

The justice’s comments, which align with the Trump administration’s views, come amid late-breaking efforts to ratify a constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights to all citizens regardless of sex.

With Virginia’s ratification of the amendment in January, supporters of the renewed ERA push say the requisite number of states have approved the measure.

The ERA was passed by Congress in 1972, however, there was a seven-year deadline placed on it for state ratification.

Once the deadline was reached, only 35 states had approved the ERA.

For constitutional amendments, 38 states must agree to ratification — which comes to the three-quarters of the states required by the U.S. Constitution.

While it seems next to impossible to ratify the ERA, liberals have been persistent.

In other words, 38 states approved the ERA but it was years after the deadline.

Liberals have been trying to make a push for the Supreme Court to get involved, but Ginsburg flat-out declared that it would be pointless to do so.

It speaks volumes with Ginsburg — arguably the most liberal Justice on the court in decades — is telling Democrats to knock it off.

In recent months, RBG has sided with the Trump administration and ruled against Democrats a few times.

In late December, Ginsburg temporarily staved off the efforts of House Democrats to get their hands on Trump’s financial records.

Ginsburg issued a stay, meaning that Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp. do not have to comply just yet with an order from the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that said the banks must give House Democrats the records they have subpoenaed.

While speaking at the University of Chicago in November, the 86-year-old liberal justice smacked down an idea from socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others to abolish the Electoral College.

The fact that she is against the Democrats’ latest radical idea of abolishing the Electoral College is a big deal — and it likely won’t sit well with Democrats.

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