Sean Hannity Surprises Viewers With Eye-Opening 2020 Announcement

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity shocked millions of his loyal viewers this week when he made several eye-opening comments about 2020.

During a segment on his program, Hannity made two bold predictions and detailed how they will have a major impact on the country for many years.

Hannity’s first prediction, which won’t surprise many, was that he thinks President Donald Trump will be re-elected to a second term in office due to the “stupidity” of Democrats.

He said this entire fake scandal with Ukraine will help to ensure the president’s victory.

“It’s going to end up with the re-election of Donald Trump,” Hannity said, adding that Democrats only have themselves to blame because Americans won’t reward their tactics.

But the Fox host likely scared a lot of viewers when he offered a gloomy version of America if Democrats win back the White House in 2020.

Hannity explained that if Democrats regain the presidency, we can expect open borders, mass migration to the country, and America’s economy to be “destroyed” given all of the socialist policies liberals are pushing.

“But make no mistake about it these are dangerous times for our Constitutional Republic,” Hannity said.

“By the way, God help us if they ever did win with their $94 trillion Green New Deal. There are $36 trillion Medicare-for-all with no private insurance. You see that would destroy the greatest economy ever designed by man,” he added.

Hannity called that risk a “clear and present danger.”

“And, by the way, they’ll cast away all God-given common sense assuming they might have had some in the beginning to subvert the will of you,” Hannity said. “We the American people.”


It has been well-documented how disastrous and frightening it would be for a Democrat to win the presidency and have the power to implement many of their socialist policies.

But Hannity made a strong point about how all of this faux outrage will likely only bolster Trump heading into the election.

In recent days, we have learned about of information about the so-called “whistleblower” and their shoddy complaint against the president.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced two weeks ago that the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives will officially begin an impeachment inquiry into Trump over a phone call the president had with the Ukrainian President Zelensky back in July.

A so-called whistleblower filed a complaint alleging that Trump directly asked Zelensky to turn over DNC servers to his administration — but no such request appears in the transcript of the July 25 phone call.

Furthermore, the complaint also claims (1) Trump suggested Zelensky keep his current prosecutor and (2) that a State Department official was on the call between the two leaders.

Newly released reports and information show that both of those claims are also false.

The whistleblower filed a complaint about a call that they never heard, and Democrats want Trump impeached over a call that they also never heard.

But wait, it gets even better.

After an internal investigation, the Office of Intelligence Community Inspector General found that the “whistleblower” had a “political bias” in favor of one of Trump’s rivals in the 2020 presidential election.

Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge also reported that the so-called whistleblower told the ICIG they had first-hand knowledge — but they wrote in the complaint that they had no first-hand knowledge.


Whistleblower Protection protocols require “first-hand knowledge” when filing a complaint. This person was not even present for the phone call.

The whistleblower is lying on so many levels.

Despite this, Democrats are still ramming ahead with impeachment because they are obviously terrified of trying to defeat Trump fair and square in 2020.

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