Two main secrets to a happy and successful marriage



Everyone needs a little reminder sometimes…

The first secret

Make sure to remember your first date more often and the fact that you fell in love with your husband or wife. Try to feel the feeling of love again, admiration, tenderness that you had at the beginning of the relationship.

After all, in the turmoil of everyday life, sometimes we stop paying much needed attention to each other. We get used to each other, accepting that the loved person is next to us, thinking it is a standard. It’s not. Sometimes we no longer notice the daily big and small feats of each other, but these little things matter so much, they are the most important things of relationships. After all, our lives are memories. Build your relationship life exactly how you want to remember it. Don’t let yourself regret things that could have been different, act today.

The wife might cease to see in her spouse as her hero, who makes her fulfilled everyday with amazing thoughts and feelings. The husband forgets that next to him is the princess, whom he once conquered, and whom she won with beauty, charm, kindness and tenderness. We shall keep this at the top of our thoughts and not take things for granted, which unfortunately happens too often in relationships.

This is the way of life. Understand and cherish the small moments. These are the moments that make your relationship.

To sustain a wonderful relationship day after day, for years to come we should: At least several times a month arrange a romantic date, pamper each other with surprises and pleasant trifles. Remember the most delicate and pleasant moments of your relationship, for example: view old photos together, go to your favorite and important places for you and your loved one. Most importantly – often remind yourself that you have a wonderful husband or wife – you can even write a list and read it regularly.

“To have a successful marriage, you should go out for dinner once a week, take a weekend getaway once a year, and take a full week getaway once a year”.

The second secret

Every day try to see in your spouse, a new person.

Very often we become hostages of the image that we have developed about a person – especially if you see this person every day. But each of us wakes up a little different than when we fell asleep.

We constantly change and our loved ones change too. Over time it happens that the image of a loved one does not correspond to reality. The person has already changed, but we expect other actions and words from that person. This can cause reproaches, resentment and accusations.

To prevent this from happening, talk more often with each other, try to understand each other, look for compromises and zero out your ideas about each other.

Though, sometimes put yourself in your husband or wife’s shoes, and look at each other from their perspective point of view. You might be surprised how much this could help two people understand each other on a much deeper level.

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