Senate Vote BLOCKED – Democrats Rage After Plan Backfired

Democrats in the Senate were left fuming this week after one Republican senator blocked a vote on a bill that was packed with leftist “poison pills.”

Iowa Republican Joni Ernst on Thursday blocked House-passed legislation — which has been fully backed and promoted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi — to “reauthorize” the Violence Against Women Act.

Democrats and their allies in the media are disgustingly trying to portray the move as misogynist and sexist, but they are not telling the truth.

Ernst, who is herself a victim of sexual assault, has her own bill that is much more likely to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate.

“Why on earth would we introduce a piece of legislation that will not make it through this body? Shouldn’t we be working together to find a path forward? We should continue to work on that, and I sincerely hope that by the of this year, we can come together,” Ernst questioned.

Ernst also called the bill “horrendous” and slammed it for having hidden liberal items in it.

The Hill notes in a report why Ernest and most Republicans object to the Pelosi-backed bill that passed in the House:

The House passed its VAWA bill over objections from the National Rifle Association and Republicans, who opposed the legislation because of a provision that eliminated the so-called boyfriend loophole by expanding a current ban on firearm purchases for spouses or formerly married partners convicted of abuse or under a restraining order to include dating partners who were never legally married.

California Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein and Ernst were tapped to work out a bipartisan Senate bill that could get the 60 votes needed to get through the chamber.

But talks unraveled earlier this month. Senate Democrats introduced the House bill last week, and Ernst introduced her own bill on Wednesday.

Here’s the takeaway: Democrats tried slipping in gun control measures into their domestic violence bill — among other things — and Republicans weren’t having it.

Ernest blocked the Democrats bill because she says her own domestic violence legislation does more to protect women and actually has the support of the GOP-controlled Senate.

This is what Democrats do.

They pass radical, far-left bills in the House and then claim they being “stalled” or “tabled” in the Senate. They claim Republicans aren’t doing anything to help the American people.

But the truth is that all Democrats are doing is passing extreme bills to appease their radical base because they know they will never get bipartisan support in the Senate.

They are playing politics.

The perfect example of this is evident in what just happened with Ernest and the Pelosi-backed bill.

Democrats slipped in radical anti-gun provisions into their bill when it has nothing to do with protecting women from domestic violence — and Ernest called them out and blocked the bill.

And Democrats are fuming over this because they got caught.

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