She’s Gone: Major Trump Enemy REMOVED From Her Position


President Donald Trump has many enemies in the mainstream media. Seems like almost everyone who works in cable news and for the major publications loathes the president — and they make that clear every chance they get.

But one openly racist journalist just got removed, and Trump will probably be very happy to see this.

Sarah Jeong is no longer on the editorial board at the New York Times.

Jeong, a well-known unapologetic racist, held onto her job way longer than any Republican ever would have given she was a prominent liberal voice at the New York Times.

She also held write countless editorials for the NYT, where they went after the president for essentially everything he did and said.

She was anti-Trump to her core.

The New York Post reported:

Sarah Jeong left the board in August, CNN reported.

“Sarah decided to leave the editorial board in August,” Kate Kingsbury, a deputy editorial page editor told CNN Friday. “But we’re glad to still have her journalism and insights around technology in our pages through her work as a contributor.”

She’ll now be a “contracted contributor for NYT Opinion” according to CNN.

The new role will permit her to “go back to reporting and writing long features while still being involved with NYT Opinion section on tech issues,” she told CNN.

The Times stood by Jeong throughout blowback, but she remained a lightning rod for criticism through her one year tenure at the paper.

After she was hired by the New York Times to serve on the editorial board, Jeong went viral last year after her racist and abhorrent tweets resurfaced.

Twitter users found a bevy of old tweets from Jeong, where she made a slew of controversial comments about hating white people, wishing white people would go extinct, and saying she enjoys being rude to older white men.

(**Warning: Some of the tweets below feature strong language that may offend or upset some people**)

Here are a few of Jeong’s tweets:

There’s absolutely no way to spin her tweets. They were awful and incredibly vitriolic.

Jeong claimed that her tweets were in response to trolls, but they weren’t responding to anyone.

They are her opinions that she willingly put onto the internet and she still has not apologize for them.

In one tweet she asked, “Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins.”

Imagine if anyone from Fox News wrote that on social media about any other race.

Think they would still have a job?

She wrote dozens of racist, sexist, and despicable things about white people and the NYT did not care at all.

They still hired her and basically told everyone to just deal with it.

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