SHOCK: Senator Charged, Arrested For Possessing Child Pornography

Another day, another corrupt lawmaker has been arrested and charged for breaking the law.

But this one case is particularly disturbing for a variety of reasons.

As noted by local news outlet CBS 21, Pennsylvania State Sen. Mike Folmer has resigned from office after being arrested on child pornography charges.

Folmer used the social media website Tumbler to upload at least one image of a young girl who was reportedly performing a sex act.

When Tumblr officials became aware of the image, they contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Soon after that, Folmer was arrested by local police.

During his appearance in court, prosecutors stated that Folmer uploaded the image himself to the website back in 2017.

Prosecutors also say police found two more images on Folmer’s computer that allegedly show child pornography.

“This defendant serves as a state Senator and was entrusted to honor and represent his community in the Pennsylvania Capitol,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania said in a statement.

“I will continue to say it — no one is above the law, no matter what position of power they hold,” Shapiro added.

He’s been charged with three counts of child pornography and one count of criminal use in a communication facility.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman released a joint statement calling on Folmer to resign.

“We are sickened and disturbed by the charges brought against Mike Folmer,” it read.

Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf said Folmer “made the right decision to resign.”

“We elect leaders to serve as a voice for those who do not have the ability to advocate for their own needs, demanding that they will protect our children, families and communities,” he said in a statement.

“The charges against Senator Folmer are disgusting and beyond comprehension, and show he has taken advantage of the trust and privilege afforded by the people of Pennsylvania,” he added.

Seems like corrupt officials, mostly Democrats, have been charged and arrested lately.

Below are just a few examples:

— A Democratic mayor has been charged with seven counts of bribery, one count of conspiring to commit bribery, and 18 counts of wire fraud. If found guilty on all 26 felony counts and ordered to serve 20 years for each crime, he could be sentenced to 520 years in federal prison.

–Democrat mayor was arrested at his home after accepting a $5,000 bribe from federal agents.

–A federal wiretap caught a Democrat lawmaker bribing a legislative colleague.

–A Democratic district judge was arrested and charged with taking bribes from an informant.

–Fall River Democratic Mayor Jasiel Correia was arrested on charges that he conspired to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies in his district.

–A Democratic representative was arrested and charged after impersonating a police officer and trying to buy cocaine while driving under the influence.

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