SICK! MSNBC Caught Running Doctored Photo To Make Trump Look Bad

MSNBC is not exactly known for its adherence to truth, and the liberal network having a more than obvious bias against President Donald Trump just came back to bite them.

Once again proving they are nothing more than a propaganda arm for Democrats, the network has been busted running a doctored photo to go after the president.

During a recent segment on MSNBC, the network aired a graphic that made left-wing reporter Bobby Lewis look like an actual journalist.

MSNBC aired an anti-Trump tweet from Lewis in which he suggests the president and is supporters are racists and white nationalists.

Lewis does not have a verified account on Twitter — meaning he does not have a blue check mark by his name — but MSNBC added the blue check mark by his name on the tweet.

The network aired a graphic featuring a tweet by Lewis regarding a quote from conservative radio host Michael Savage.

“Trump friend and radio host Michael Savage says he ‘was very disappointed in the president attacking white supremacy,’ and predicts that it will ‘cost [him] thousands, if not tens of thousands of votes,’” Lewis tweeted.

That quote had been selectively edited.

The full quote, which makes it clear that Savage’s concern is that the president made a statement in facilitation of the leftist narrative that conflates everyone who is worried about illegal immigration with white supremacists, is as follows:

I was very disappointed in the president attacking white supremacy. He is now saying everyone who is concerned about the illegal alien invasion is a white supremacist? He suddenly has joined who? He’s like Jake Tapper now, and the rest on CNN. That was a mistake, Mr. President. I am sorry. That is going to cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of votes.

Savage was actually arguing that Trump was advancing the liberal narrative that conflates concern over illegal immigration to white supremacy.

And MSNBC’s graphic shows a blue check mark next to Lewis’ name, as seen below:

Here’s the thing — Lewis isn’t verified on Twitter, as seen below:

Why is this important?

Lewis is a staffer at Media Matters for America, a far-left group that spends every second of the day attacking Trump and Republicans by selectively editing videos and quotes.

MSNBC wanted to essentially call Trump a white supremacist, but they couldn’t just come out and say that themselves.

So they used a tweet from Lewis and doctored an image of his tweet to make it seem like he’s verified so that viewers would think he’s a credible source.

This is another scathing example of how the left-leaning network continues to grow more and more biased and less concerned with facts.

Things have gotten so bad at MSNBC that network anchor Rachel Maddow was just smacked with a bombshell lawsuit for pushing fake news.

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