Socialist Venezuela’s Self-Destruction Forces People To Eat Out Of Garbage Trucks

Univision host Jorge Ramos opened up about getting detained by former Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during his interview on “Hannity”.

Sean Hannity and Univision’s Jorge Ramos agree on practically nothing politically, but they can agree on this. So, what’s the deal with the Socialist wing of the Democrats?

Trump is supposedly a ‘fascist’ for calling Jim Acosta ‘Fake news’. And yet it’s the Trump and the Conservatives calling for Venezuela’s Maduro to be thrown to the curb.

That, despite the fact that Modero has been lawfully removed from office by an act of Venezuela’s Parliament, and interim leadership has been lawfully transferred to Juan Guaido by their duly-elected Parliament.

Then, Maduro presided over Venezuala’s slide into becoming a failed state (even though it has every reason to be the wealthiest state in South America).

Now, he’s now graduated from ‘merely’ arresting and ‘disappearing’ political rivals — or sometimes even killing them outright — to detaining international journalists who tell a story he doesn’t want them telling.

You’d think that the ‘compassionate Left’ would be leading the charge in his ouster.

Shockingly, they’re siding WITH Modero. Because, to the Bernie-Bro branch of the DNC, Socialism is the new awesome.

Even #BreadlineBernie ought to care about this footage of Venezuelans eating out of the back of Garbage trucks and be siding with Trump and Pence in calling for action. But he’s not.

Maybe he’s too busy in one of his three houses singing ‘Back in the USSR’ to notice their suffering… or his own hypocrisy.

Or maybe he — and the rest — think admitting there’s a problem in Venezuela shows just how poor their own judgment is. We’ve not forgotten, for example, what Senator Bernie wrote on his official website.

He was telling us all how crappy America is, compared some other ‘Utopias’ in his blog post entitled: Close The Gaps: Disparities That Threaten America.

These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?

Did you catch what Ramos said about what gave him hope while he was being detained?

CNSNews reported: Victims of Venezuelan socialism who have come to America recently attended a Venezuela Freedom Rally in Washington, D.C., where Campus Reform asked them for their message to Americans who support socialism.

“Bernie Sanders is your enemy. Do not ever, ever get involved with this individual or any of the other socialists,” one man who escaped Venezuelan socialism warned. “People are eating from trash bags in the streets,” one woman said. “In Venezuela, there is no food, no medicine, education. No, nothing, nothing,” another woman added.

Others warned Americans not to fall for socialism’s false promises, and to beware its gradual usurpation of citizens’ freedoms:

  • “It is not a game, it is not the route to go, it is not possible, it is not feasible, don’t fall for it.”
  • “It doesn’t work the way the book says…socialism is too good to be true.”
  • “It’s a gradual process, over time, little by little, power is taken away from the people.”
  • “People always talk about the Nazis and stuff like that, but nobody talks about socialism and communism.”
  • “For me, it’s kind of an insult to the Venezuelan people, who have been protesting for years.”

One former Venezuelan summed up their comments, declaring that America became the best country on Earth by rejecting all things socialist:

“This is a beautiful country, it’s the best in the world, it’s the most powerful – and we didn’t get there with socialism or anything close to that.”

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