Hate Crime Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Gets Bad News From Illinois Supreme Court

Things have gone from bad to worse for racial hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett as the walls have begun to close in on him.

Smollett was famous as star of the Fox network television show “Empire” but is now more famous for the most ridiculous hate crime hoax in history.

For those who have not heard, and where have you been if you haven’t, he claimed to have been attacked by two white men on the streets of Chicago.

He claimed that the two men hung a noose around his neck, beat him, yelled “this is MAGA country” and doused him with bleach.

The police claim that he was actually fake attacked by two black men he hired, hung the noose around his own neck, and did it all to help himself with contract negotiations with show producers.

Since the incident happened, and Democrat politicians rushed to his defense, he has been fired from “Empire” and criminal charges have been pressed against him by the city of Chicago.

Smollett and his attorney filed a motion with the Supreme Court of Illinois to dismiss the charges against him and get of the special prosecutor in the case on Friday, Fox News reported.

Smollett’s attorneys argued that Cook County Circuit Judge Michael Toomin went beyond what he has the authority to do and misinterpreted the law when he appointed the special prosecutor.

“(If) there, in fact, had been a defect in the authority to prosecute Mr. Smollett, the only person who could properly challenge the validity of the proceedings would be Mr. Smollett — and he has not done so,” the motion by Smollett’s attorneys said, The Chicago Tribune reported.

“Motions for supervisory orders are extraordinary remedies and not usually granted,” his attorney William Quinlan said after the petition was rejected.

“We believed the unique circumstances of this case warranted filing the motion. We will now follow the standard appellate procedure,” he said.

Special Prosecutor Dan Webb announced the new charges last month in a statement that took aim at Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s decision to dismiss the original charges against him,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

But Smollett’s attorneys were furious about he new charges and maintain that their client is innocent.

“The charges were appropriately dismissed the first time because they were not supported by the evidence,” his attorney Tina Glandian said.

“The attempt to re-prosecute Mr. Smollett one year later on the eve of the Cook County state’s attorney election is clearly all about politics not justice,” she said.

But after the state’s Supreme Court denied their motion to dismiss the charges the actor will have to face their day in court and justice is going to be served.

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