Supreme Court Issues Trump Ruling – Total Victory

Democrats have been trying desperately to get their hands on the last several years of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Not because they would be able to understand what they are reading, but because they want political ammunition and anything they can use to defeat the president in the upcoming election.

Democrats have claimed in court that they have a right to see the president’s tax returns, but their argument is so weak that arguably the most liberal state in the country just ruled in favor of Trump.

The California government, led by a far-left governor and a Democratic super-majority in the legislature, has been trying to force Trump to give up his tax returns.

But in a shocking move, California’s Supreme Court said “no.”

Fox News reports:

The California Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a state law that would have required President Trump to release his tax returns in order to appear on the state’s primary ballot.

Justices in Sacramento said that the law – which required all candidates for president and governor to submit five years’ worth of personal income tax returns in order to be included on primary ballots – was unconstitutional.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, had signed the bill into law in July.

The state Republican Party and Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson challenged the bill, while the state has defended the law by arguing tax returns are a simple way for voters to weigh candidates’ financial status.

The ruling by the state’s highest court – which is a rare win for Trump in the Democratically controlled state – comes more than a month-and-a-half after a federal judge temporarily blocked the state law in response to a different lawsuit.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla appealed the federal judge’s ruling, in a legal dispute that remains ongoing. The state court’s decision, however, means the tax return requirement cannot be enforced, even if it were found to be constitutional under federal law.

The court, led by Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, held that:

“Whatever authority the Legislature may have in defining how presidential primaries are to occur in this state, the challenged sections of the act exceed such authority and are unenforceable.”

This is certainly a rare moment of sanity.

California’s state government is controlled by far-left lawmakers who pretty much spend all of their time going after Trump instead of actually addressing the many problems plaguing their state.

But more importantly, consider this: the Democrats argument for getting their hands on Trump’s tax returns is so weak that even California’s leftist judges are siding with the president.

There is currently no law requiring U.S. presidents or presidential candidates to release their tax returns, but Democrats don’t care about the rule of law.

This is the latest example of how extreme liberals are hellbent to trigger a real constitutional crisis in what will be a high stakes show down with the administration.

Democrats bogus Russian collusion conspiracy theories blew up in their face and their Ukraine impeachment witch hunt is crumbling before their eyes.

So, as a Plan C, they are trying to use “Trump’s taxes” as their new strategy to win the 2020 election.

They are doomed to fail… again.

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