Supreme Court Makes Stunning Decision On Gun Rights, Tempers Flare

Republicans are fighting for the freedoms afforded to every American as the liberal established looks to shred the Constitution.

But the courts have not been helpful so far in Virginia, whose anti-gun laws are causing protesters to take to the streets this weekend.

On Friday, the Virginia Supreme Court declined to hear a case that looked to challenge the temporary ban of gun-carry at the rally that was put in place by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam.

You may remember Gov. Northam from his abysmal acting job after he got caught in a high school yearbook photo where one man wore blackface and another a KKK outfit.

The governor admitted that it was him in the blackface, then denied it, then admitted he wore blackface at another time.

And still he stayed in power in the state of Virginia and watched as his Party seized control of the state legislature.

They wasted no time at all after their election in enacting some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, including the ban of certain weapons.

A lower court already ruled that the ban could stay in place, which is why a gun rights group challenged the decision at the high court.

But when the court declined to hear the case it meant that the lower court ruling would stay in effect, keeping the marchers unarmed.

“Under the circumstances, we are unable to discern whether the circuit court abused its discretion,” the Court said. “The circuit court decided this case in less than one day, and, accordingly, the record before the Court is scant, there is no transcript or written statement of facts detailing the events of the hearing, and we are unaware of any evidence that was taken.”

This is particularly important as ANTIFA has decided to come to the march and interrupt it, and judging by their history things could get physical.

“We ask everyone to follow the temporary Capitol grounds rules,” the Virginia Citizens Defense League said in an email to its supporters who are attending the march.

“There is NO need for an act of civil disobedience to achieve standing for a court fight. We already have standing,” it said.

The VCDL is disappointed with the court’s decision in not hearing the case as it believes the order is “illegal.”

“We still will have our day in court to fully debate the governor’s unconstitutional overreach in just a few short weeks,” it said.

But Gov. Northam celebrated the decision and continued to pretend that he respects the rights of the people to keep and bear arms.

“I am confident that the majority of those attending Monday’s rally will be peaceful,” the governor said.

“I have full respect for their fundamental American right to voice their opinions. But over the past few days, the news has confirmed that this rally is attracting extreme individuals and groups—including national hate, neo-Nazi, and white supremacist groups—who are threatening violence and looking to advance a violent agenda.”

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