Supreme Court REMOVES Her – She’s Facing 15 Years In Prison

With everything going on in the D.C. swamp with Democrats trying to remove President Donald Trump from office, it’s hard for many Americans to actually see real news taking place in other parts of the country.

This is especially true given a Democrat judge has been removed by the Michigan Supreme Court and faces 15 years in prison.

Former Livingston County District Court Judge Theresa Brennan pleaded guilty to perjury, ending a 17-month court drama that included ethics charges, a criminal prosecution, and her removal from the bench in June.

The Michigan Attorney General’s office charged Brennan last December with three felonies — perjury, tampering with evidence, and common law offenses — by the Michigan Attorney General’s office.

As part of a plea agreement, the AG’s office agreed to a guidelines range of no jail time to six months in jail on Brennan’s minimum sentence.

The perjury charge — which Brennan pleaded guilty to — carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office argued Brennan lied about a cell phone that was considered a marital asset during hearings in her own divorce case and that she tampered with evidence.

It also said she committed misconduct by failing to recuse herself immediately from her own divorce case and used the delay to dispose of evidence.

Brennan’s plea comes months after the Michigan Supreme Court removed her from the bench and ordered that she pay costs, fees, and expenses incurred by the Judicial Tenure Commission.

The Livingston Daily reports:

Lynn Helland, the Judicial Tenure Commission’s examiner, filed a formal complaint against Brennan in June 2018 with the Michigan Supreme Court, more than a year after an alleged affair between Brennan and then-Michigan State Police Sgt. Sean Furlong was uncovered through depositions in her divorce case.

Retired judge William Giovan held an evidentiary hearing on the misconduct complaint spanning nine days in October and November 2018.

Giovan concluded that Brennan was in a romantic relationship before and during the Kowalski trial. Brennan has argued the relationship was not romantic during that time, and that the affair began after the trial.

Kowalski was convicted in 2013 for the 2008 murders of Richard and Brenda Kowalski. His conviction was later overturned in light of the JTC allegations and criminal charges against Brennan.

Furlong was granted immunity before he gave his deposition to the AG’s Office in the case on Nov. 13, a month before Brennan was charged with three felonies.

He was the lead detective in the murders of Richard and Brenda Kowalski.

Richard Kowalski’s brother, Jerome, confessed to the murders in an interview conducted by Furlong in the days following the murders.

Brennan denied defense motions to have Jerome Kowalski’s confession thrown out and did not allow a false confession expert to testify.

How about that wild case?

This involves something that had a major impact on people’s lives and displays an actual abuse of power.

A Democrat judge was removed by the state Supreme Court and is facing 15 years in prison after being charged with three felonies.

Where’s the mainstream media coverage of this story?

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