Supreme Court Replacement News – Dems Are In Total DISBELIEF

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Supreme Court lately.

Conservatives currently control a 5-4 majority on the nation’s highest court, and now there’s serious speculation circling throughout the mainstream media that at least 2 liberal Justices may retire in the near future.

A new report this week from Reuters warns Democrats that President Donald Trump could add even more conservatives to the Court given two of the most liberal Justices are “aging” and having “serious health scares.”

Rumors continue to swirl that 86-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may retire soon.

But now the media is warning that 81-year-old liberal Justice Stephen Breyer may not serve on the court for much longer.

Reuters published a report this week titled, “With liberal bloc aging, Trump may get more Supreme Court appointments,” where the authors spend a great deal of time fretting about Trump winning re-election and appointing at least two more conservatives to the SCOTUS.

With 86-year-old liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg enduring a series of health scares, the question of whether President Donald Trump will get to make yet another U.S. Supreme Court appointment before the 2020 election lingers as the nine justices prepare to begin their new term next week.

Trump, who took office in 2017 and is seeking re-election next year, already has appointed two justices – conservatives Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch – who have pushed the court further to the right.

The court has a 5-4 conservative majority, and two of the four liberal justices are over 80 years old, including Stephen Breyer, who turned 81 last month. 

Make no mistake, Democrats and their allies in the media are freaking out over this.

Below are a few examples:

–The Huffington Post ran the headline “LAST HOPE: FLOOD THE COURT?” with an accompanying article arguing that Democrats must someday pack the Supreme Court by adding to the number of justices and appointing new leftist activists.

–This Huffington Post also recently ran a banner on their website with the words “CODE RED” and “DARKEST HOUR” on its front page after news of RBG’s latest health scare last month.

–Back in July, the New York Daily News ran a front page headline read simply, “WE ARE F*#%’D,” which featured an article about the likelihood of Trump adding two more conservatives to the Court.

Ginsburg ailing health has been well documented over the years.

An abnormality was detected in early July during a routine blood test, and a subsequent biopsy revealed the tumor.

But beyond that, there are serious issues still surrounding her health and how much longer she can continue to serve on the Supreme Court.

In late December, the 85-year-old Justice had surgery to remove two cancerous growths from her left lung, forcing her to miss almost a month of oral arguments on the Supreme Court.

In 2009, she had surgery for pancreatic cancer. Back in 1999, Ginsburg had colorectal cancer that required nine months of chemotherapy.

But now there are rumors that Breyer — another supremely liberal justice — could be retiring soon.

If Trump wins a second term in office, which is extremely likely, it’s more than possible that he will nominate at least one more conservative to the bench.

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