Supreme Court Vacancy Report – Obama World Is Freaking Out Over This

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has faced a slew of questions about her ailing health and whether she is still capable of serving on the nation’s highest court.

While Ginsburg recently completed three weeks of radiation therapy to treat a malignant tumor on her pancreas, she still maintains that she plans to serve another term on the nation’s highest court and that her health is fine.

But David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, seemed to worried that there will soon be a SCOTUS vacancy and a major fight between Republicans and Democrats.

Following news of RBG’s most recent health scare, Axelrod said he was worried that a vacancy on the high court could “tear this country apart.”

“If there is a SCOTUS vacancy next year and @senatemajldr carries through on his extraordinary promise to fill it-despite his own previous precedent in blocking Garland-it will tear this country apart,” Axelrod wrote, referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell not holding a vote in the U.S. Senate in 2016 on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.

While speaking on last weekend at the National Book Festival, Ginsburg assured the audience that she would be just fine and that she doesn’t have any plans of retiring soon.

“As this audience can see I am alive… and I’m on my way to being very well,” she said to the crowd.

She then said that her job is what “keeps me going.”

RBG told the crowd that she’s “ready for the next term on the Supreme Court, another indication she doesn’t plan to retire in the near future.


An abnormality was detected in early July during a routine blood test, and a subsequent biopsy revealed the tumor.

The 86-year-old liberal lion began radiation treatments on Aug. 5 and received treatment as an outpatient, the statement said.

As part of her treatment, a bile duct stent was placed on her pancreas.

“The Justice tolerated treatment well,” the statement added. “She canceled her annual summer visit to Santa Fe, but has otherwise maintained an active schedule.”

Despite several health challenges and major surgeries over the years to remove cancerous nodes, Ginsburg said she doesn’t think she should step down from the Supreme Court.

“The work is really what saved me because I had to concentrate on reading the briefs, doing a draft of an opinion, and I knew it had to get done,” she said last month. “So I had to get past whatever my aches and pains were just to do the job.”

Obviously keeping the most liberal Justice on the court is more important to Democrats than her health and well being.

But beyond that, there are serious issues still surrounding her health and how much longer she can continue to serve on the Supreme Court.

In late December, the 85-year-old Justice had surgery to remove two cancerous growths from her left lung, forcing her to miss almost a month of oral arguments on the Supreme Court.

In 2009, she had surgery for pancreatic cancer and missed time from the Supreme Court during her recovery.

Back in 1999, Ginsburg had colorectal cancer that required nine months of chemotherapy.

While President Donald Trump and many have wished nothing but the best for Ginsburg, many argue that her health issues have gotten worse and are concerning.

And the fact that she still continues to suffer from so many health issues has many wondering how much longer RBG plans to sit on the nation’s highest court.

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