De Blasio Calls For Nationalization Of Industries To Fight Coronavirus

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has been called names like socialist and communist before, but never has he deserved it as much as he does today.

The mayor appeared on MSNBC with host Joy Ann Reid, a far left liberal, and the two spoke about the coronavirus epidemic sweeping New York City.

“The testing thing is really — you know, maybe I’m a bit obsessed with it because at this point it seems insane in a modern country, in a great city like New York City that it seems almost impossible for people to get a test. Can a New Yorker or someone in this city that is symptomatic in some way get a test if they need it and if so, how?” the host said.

“People can get a test. It is according to the priority structure and there’s not enough testing. It’s as simple as that.

“We’ve been pleading with the federal government for weeks, publicly, letters phone calls, get us testing. Here’s reality.

“This is a war like situation. We’re in a wartime scenario with Mar-a-Lago attitude being used by the federal government,” he said.

“It’s so laid back, and I don’t understand it and by the way, testing, how about ventilators, where is the federal government making sure our hospitals have the ventilators we’re going to need? Where is the federal government when it comes to surgical masks?

“This is a case for a nationalization of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need. Hand sanitizer. People are going crazy trying to get hand sanitizer.”

“Is it true we’re having hand sanitizer now made in New York?” the host queried the mayor.

“The state has found a way to make it and that’s great but the point I’m saying is the federal government should recognize this is a crucial part of stopping this.

“There should be a national approach to ensuring every factory that can make hand sanitizer should be on 24/7 shifts and the distribution could go to the places that need it most.

“We’re not into the discussion because we can’t even get the testing,” the mayor said in what sounded like a literal call for communism.

“And people left to their own devices to stock up on toilet paper,” the host said.

Pay very close attention to what Mayor DeBlasio said in that speech. It is truly frightening.

He wants the government to take control of the means of production to make and distribute a product.

No matter what the reasoning behind it, what he is talking about is seizing on an epidemic and using it to institute a type of communism. That should terrify everyone.

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