GOP Rep. Doug Collins Slams Schiff For Backing Coronavirus Response Commission

In the middle of a global pandemic, Democrats remain focused on one thing: investigating President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called for an independent commission to investigate the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.

Almost immediately afterward, Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins reminded people that Schiff and Democrats spent the last six months trying to impeach and remove the president rather than address the threat of the coronavirus.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Collins told host Brian Kilmeade there will be time to examine past actions with oversight after the crisis passes, noting that he didn’t think Schiff would like what he’ll see when placed under the magnifying glass.

“But also, I think there’s going to actually be a look back here that I’m not sure Adam Schiff wants to talk about, and that is China’s role in this and the fact that, as Intelligence Committee chairman, he was so wrapped up in impeachment during when all this hit that I’m not sure there was a slow response on both sides because no one was looking at this,” Collins stated.

“Because he was so focused on the president and what he was trying to do in the election that we were missing, basically, China’s role and others.”

“I’m not sure he would like the outcome of this report any more than he did any of the other reports that he had this past year,” he remarked.

Below is a tweet from Schiff that Collins was generally speaking out:

Collins said Schiff just couldn’t help himself because he is obsessed with tearing down Trump.

“Even in isolation, it sounds like all he wants to do is focus on the president,” Collins told Kilmeade. “The president has done a good job as he is focused on this. We have all learned from this crisis as it goes on, and the president has been listening to the advisors and moving forward.”

“But, there can be no mistake that in the [months] of January and December when Adam Schiff was leading this country down a sham impeachment that there was [a] distraction on Capitol Hill,” he noted.

“You know, for him to come back at this point and try to, you know, regain the spotlight from his failed attempts at impeachment, it’s just — it’s sad for the American people,” concluded Collins.

Schiff’s office announced over the weekend that a “former staff member” had tested positive for having coronavirus.

This individual has now been confirmed to be Daniel Goldman, a lawyer who worked with Schiff and his Democratic colleagues during the failed House impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

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