Top Dem LEAVES Impeachment Trial – Capitol Hill Rocked

The Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump has been long, drawn-out, and nothing more than Democrats begging for attention.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters that the Senate will vote to acquit the president on Wednesday, saying Republicans have the votes and that a few Senate Democrats may even switch sides.

But Capitol Hill was rocked on Friday night when a top Democrat announced he was temporarily leaving the trial for a family emergency.

New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, one of the House impeachment managers leading the trial against Trump, announced that he would be leaving Washington D.C. to be at home with his wife.

“I am sorry to not be able to stay in Washington for the conclusion of the Senate impeachment trial but I need to be home with my wife at this time. We have many decisions to make as a family. I have every faith in my colleagues and hope the Senate will do what is right,” Nadler tweeted.

Nadler’s wife was diagnosed in December with pancreatic cancer and is currently in New York receiving treatment.

Last week, Nadler announced that he would be missing a day of the impeachment trial on Monday.

His wife was diagnosed with cancer in December after the House Judiciary Committee marked up the two articles of impeachment the Senate is currently assessing.

“I am sorry to miss some of the Senate Impeachment Trial, which is of critical importance to our democracy,” Nadler wrote then. “I plan to return to Washington late Monday and appreciate the support of my colleagues and staff as I take this time to be with my wife and begin the long fight against her cancer.”

Nadler is one of seven lawmakers chosen by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to present the case for impeaching Trump.

Nadler, the chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, said his wife’s diagnosis followed the committee’s markup of the articles of impeachment.

While politics in America has turned nasty and very volatile — many wish nothing but the best for Nadler, his wife, and family.

With everything nowadays being about politics and which side someone is on, most are praying for his family in this tragic time.

Beyond Nadler’s absence, Republicans are prepared to shut the entire sham impeachment trial down.

McConnell ended speculation on Thursday and announced that Republicans have the votes to acquit the president.

On Wednesday, the GOP-controlled Senate will vote to acquit the president — and a few swing-state Democrats will likely vote with Republicans to clear Trump.

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