Top Democrat Accused Of Treason – Could Go To Prison

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, a staunch critic of President Donald Trump, Israel and The United States, has crossed the line to becoming a traitor.

After the president ordered the strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani she was at the forefront of those who criticized the attack.

Sadly though, her criticism was not the exception, but more the rule in the Democrat Party after the terrorist leader was killed.

And one should ask themselves what kind of person would mourn the death of a man responsible for killing and maiming hundreds of Americans.

One Iranian journalist, Masih Alinejad, who is also ana activist and author, said that Omar even attacked her for her stance against Soleimani.

“I criticized Soleimani and I said that many Iranians do not see him as a hero. They see him as a warmonger, as a war criminal. And that is why I got a lot of attacks by these Islamist lobbyists,” Alinejad said.

She said that the Minnesota representative “actually shared one of these defamatory articles against me” on her Twitter.

But anytime she asked Omar and her office to stand with her to protect women in the Islamic republic she was ignored.

“One time, six women got arrested just because of protesting compulsory hijab. Another time, 29 women in Iran got arrested in one day because of protesting compulsory hijab, and I asked Omar to join us and show solidarity. She was silent,” she said.

“And another time when my brother was taken hostage by the Revolutionary Guard, I reach out to her. Silence again,” the journalist said.

“My mother was interrogated for three hours just because of my activities. Again, she was silent. 1500 people got killed, she was silent. Right now, 176 people got killed in a suspicious situation in Iran, Ukrainian airplane — she’s silent!”

“Are you suggesting that she doesn’t care about the freedom that you are fighting for?” Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked.

“What I want to say is this: She broke her silence when I criticized the Islamic Republic,” Alinejad said to the host.

“I criticized President Trump in Washington Post about travel bans, separated me from my son in the U.K. I haven’t seen my son for two years. Why didn’t she attack me when I criticized President Trump?” the journalist said.

“But as soon I criticized the criminals of the Islamic Republic and I called them warmongers and call them terrorists, called them religious dictatorship, then the Islamic lobbyists here they attack us,” she said.

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is one of the charges in the treason law and it appears to fit for Omar and her cronies.

It is sedition at the least, as she has pushed Iranian propaganda. At this point she belongs in prison more than she does Congress.

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