SHE’S CAUGHT: Top Dem Arrested – Now Going To PRISON

Seems like every single week another corrupt Democrat has been caught breaking the law or doing something that violates their oath of office.

But what one Democrat lawmaker has been accused of doing is nothing short of sick, despicable, and chilling — and it will infuriate you.

Pennsylvania state Democratic Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell stole $500,000 from her own charity to pay for overdue payments for her Porsche, vacations, expensive clothes, real estate, mortgage payments, and other personal expenses.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office has charged Johnson-Harrell with enriching herself by stealing money from Motivations Education & Consultation Associates — a nonprofit organization she founded to serve the mentally ill, poor people fighting addiction, the elderly, and underprivileged children.

In the indictment, prosecutors accuse Johnson-Harrell of committing perjury, tampering with public records, theft, and other serious charges.

Johnson-Harrell — the first female Muslim member of the state House — surrendered herself to the police on Thursday in Philadelphia.

It’s unclear if Shapiro will offer a plea deal, but Johnson-Harrell faces serious prison time if she is actually held accountable.

Through her lawyers, she released a statement saying she will resign from her $89,000-a-year seat in the House later in December.

Let this sink in: Johnson-Harrell stole over $500,000 from her own charity — which serves people will mental illnesses and helps underprivileged children — to pay for beach vacations, shopping sprees, properties she owned, and fancy clothing.

While speaking about the case at a Harrisburg news conference, Shapiro said Johnson-Harrell engaged in “significant and systematic corruption” involving the payments intended for the people who came to her charity for help.

“Defrauding a nonprofit or defrauding taxpayers and then systematically over many years lying to cover it up is unjust, it’s unfair and it is a crime,” Shapiro said.

MSN reports more on what the Democrat has been accused of doing:

Prosecutors said that the nonprofit will be reorganized and that Johnson-Harrell no longer has any control over its finances.

They said the money went to buy designer clothing, multiple fox coats, payments on a Porsche, tuition for a relative and travel to Mexico and Florida. They said she also spent $8,000 on criminal restitution from a 2014 conviction for not paying unemployment taxes.

Johnson-Harrell previously held a $104,000 job with the victim and witness services unit of the Philadelphia district attorney’s office, and is active in an anti-gun violence foundation named for her 18-year-old son, who was shot to death in 2011.

Court papers say the thefts continued even after she worked in the district attorney’s office and started serving in the state House.

On a statement of financial disclosure form due in May, Johnson-Harrell reported owing the Internal Revenue Service about $50,000.

Local reporting also notes that Johnson-Harrell has been a troublemaker since she became a state representative back in March.

After she was sworn in to office, she objected to a colleague’s session-opening prayer that “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow.”

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