Top Trump State Blindsides Sanctuary Cities, Democrats In Deep Trouble

Democrats didn’t think this state would dare – they’re starting a new Trump movement!

President Trump warned sanctuary cities during his 2016 campaign—and now the hammer is finally dropping on them.

Today, liberal-run cities and states put the well-being of outsiders ahead of Americans. If you are an American citizen living in a sanctuary city, you probably have fewer rights than a non-citizen.

That is so wrong—and it’s got to stop!

Many blue states are embracing this toxic policy. But one major Trump state has just put a stop to it. Hopefully, the rest of the nation follows their lead.

From The Hill:

The Florida House passed a bill Wednesday that would ban “sanctuary cities” from existing in the state.

Sorry Miami, your dream of helping border jumpers is OVER!

The Florida House just passed a bill banning sanctuary cities in the state. This is pretty huge.

All it needs now is a signature from the governor. Will it happen?

Don’t worry, the Republican governor definitely plans to!

While most of Florida is pretty conservative, a few key regions like Broward County and Miami that can be easily manipulated by Democrats.

Remember when they almost swiped the 2018 election from Republicans with their schemes? Imagine if they were able to create sanctuary cities and get new “voters”…

It would not be good, turning Florida into the next magnet for border jumpers.

Democrats are out of luck this time—Florida will not protect border jumpers over Americans.

End of story.

Now we need to get this movement to spread to each and every state in the Union.

By John Brenner

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