Acosta Not Happy About Getting Coronavirus Test Before WH Briefing

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta had another on-air meltdown this week.

While speaking to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, Acosta appeared upset after the White House announced its new policy to test every reporter who plans to attend the coronavirus briefings.

The policy was announced after a White House reporter began showing symptoms of the coronavirus.

As of this posting, there has not been any announcement on the results of the tests administered to Acosta and other reporters.

As such, the White House requested that reporters who plan on attending the briefings show up 90 minutes early to get a test to ensure there’s enough time to get their results back before the briefings begin.

Acosta was not happy about it and complained to Blitzer after being tested, claiming some felt uncomfortable about how easily they’re now able to get tested, while many others in the country have been unable to do so themselves.

“We should point out the White House is having all of the reporters covering this briefing today undergo a coronavirus test. I just had mine a short while ago. They gave me this fact sheet before giving me the test. We have not gotten the results back. And so, the briefing, for this reason, I believe, has been pushed to 6 o’clock,” he explained.

“Wolf, the fact that we’re getting a test doesn’t really sit very well when we know so many Americans out there who need a test, can’t get one,” he theatrically claimed.


Many in the media have been attacking the president over getting mass testing across the country.

But when the White House wants to test reporters who are in close contact with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and other administration officials — they attack him for it.

This is another reason the mainstream media’s approval ratings have plummeted in the last few weeks.

Last month, Acosta made a total fool of himself by attacking Trump after he delivered a national address from the Oval Office about combating the coronavirus.

Soon after Trump’s speech, Acosta made a total fool of himself by honing in on a few words the president said.

During a live interview on CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s show, Acosta accused Trump of being xenophobic because he correctly mentioned that the coronavirus came from China.

“At one point during this address the president referred to the coronavirus as a ‘foreign virus,” Acosta said.

“But it should be pointed out that Stephen Miller, who is an immigration hardliner, who advises the president – is one of his top domestic policy advisers and speechwriters, was a driving force in writing this speech,” Acosta continued.

“And I think it is going to smack, it is going to come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia,” he said.


Acosta, sadly, has made a name for himself by trying to antagonize the president.

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