TOTAL SHOCK: Judge Found DEAD – Body Discovered

After announcing that she was retiring from the bench, a judge has been found dead.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, retired Florida Judge Tracy Sheehan was found dead in her new Georgia vacation home on Christmas Day after an accidental fall.

The 6-year-old judge drowned in her hot tub after falling and hitting her head, according to police. A neighbor found her after hearing her dog bark for a long time.

Sheehan served as a judge for 11 years before her retiring from the 13th Circuit.

Police believe she was dead for several hours before she was found in the home she purchased in October.

An autopsy report and toxicology results are still pending, and police do not suspect foul play.

Fannin County coroner Becky Callihan told The Tampa Bay Times: “They found evidence where she had hit her nose. Her glasses had scratched her nose when she went down.”

Following the news of her death, the Florida 13th Circuit Court tweeted: “All the judges & staff at the 13th Judicial Circuit, we were saddened to learn about the passing of our former colleague and dear friend, retired Judge Tracy Sheehan.”

They added: “She served the people of Hillsborough with distinction, honor & great compassion. Judge Sheehan will be missed!”

Wendy LaTorre, one of her longtime friends, said: “I talked to her on Monday several times. We had just done a trip to san Miguel de Allende in Mexico to celebrate both of our birthdays.”

“That was the beginning of September, the end of October, and she had bought the cabin a week before we left,” she added.

Speaking about Sheehan, La LaTorre added: “She was inspiring and fierce. She was one of the loudest voices and a voice that we needed. She definitely helped a lot of people be better people. We should all hope to have her legacy.”

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