Trump Backs Ocasio-Cortez To Run For Senate Against Schumer

These are insane times indeed and that is evidenced by President Donald Trump joining forces with New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The president on Friday was frustrated by New York Sen. Charles Schumer saying that the president was slow to respond to coronavirus.

That was when President trump got on Twitter and torched Schumer, endorsing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to challenge him for his spot in the Senate.

“Cryin’ Chuck Schumer was on a late night show using a false talking point over & over again,” he said. “‘We don’t have enough testing,’ he would repeat, when he knows we have done a great job on Testing, just like we have on Ventilators and everything else. He lied, gave NY SALT. Run AOC!”

“Cryin Chuck Schumer, compared to what other Senators have brought home to their states, has brought very little back to N.Y. A totally overrated loser, the one thing he has given them is SALT. He never even called me to stop it. No wonder Cuomo & most others can’t stand him. AOC!” he said.

The show in reference was to Schumer’s appearance on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert on Thursday.

“This is one of the keys here, and it’s one of the mysteries and huge shortfalls of the Trump administration. Every country that has overcome this quickly has done it because of a whole lot of tests,” he said.

The president responded to the criticism when he appeared on Friday on the Dan Bongino Show.

“We’ve done an unbelievable job with what we’re doing. And the testing and the ventilators and everything,” he said. “Schumer gets on, starts on, ‘We need more testing.'”

Between the appearance on Bongino’s show and the tweets by the president, Colbert celebrated the fact that the president watches his show.

He celebrated it as you would expect considering he despises President Trump.

“Oh my god, Donald Trump watched my interview. Mr. President, I know you may not have liked Senator Schumer, but you should check out my monologue,” Colbert said. “I say your name a lot. You’re kind of the star in that you’re slowly expanding to destroy all of us.”

He then added, “Who am I kidding? He wasn’t thrilled with me, either.” He said as he replayed an old quote from the president.  “This guy [Colbert] gets on this stupid show last night, how these guys make money…. Where is Johnny Carson? You know, where is Johnny Carson?”

“Mr. President, I have some terrible news. It’s not that Johnny’s dead, it’s that he thought you were a joke, too.” He then played an old clip of Carson where he made a quip that a woman got a job as “Donald Trump backup mistress.”

Schumer, who has grown increasingly thin skinned during President Trump’s time in the White House, responded to the president’s criticism.

“I’m glad to see President Trump is watching Stephen Colbert. Maybe he’ll learn something,” he said.

But the question is who would win if Ocasio-Cortez and Schumer went head to head in a Democratic primary for the Senate.

For the citizens of New York it would be a choice between insane and lunatic and neither is a fantastic choice.

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