Trump Considers Major American Purchase – Wants To Buy An Entire Country

This could be a major boom for America – and a huge legacy for the President!

Donald Trump has a reputation for buying big things. Golf courses, skyscrapers, country clubs—you name it, he’s bought it.

In fact, he has a reputation for finding old, abandoned properties—places of historical significance—and restoring them to their original glory.

Hey, he’s doing that to the entire United States right now!

Now, stories are circulating that he’s considering buying one of his biggest finds yet…

An entire country!

From The HillPresident Trump has privately asked aides about the possibility of purchasing Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Two advisers told the Journal that Trump asked them and other advisers at dinners and in passing conversations whether such a move would be possible, listening intently when they talked about its resources and geopolitical importance. 

Wow. According to reports, Donald Trump has spoken with his aids about buying Greenland, a Danish territory.

Greenland is a largely uninhabited island, situated between the Atlantic and Arctic ocean. Most of it is covered in ice.

What could President Trump want with this territory?

Could he be planning on building something there? Maybe there is a strategic reason he wants it. Perhaps this could be the location of a new military base?

Or maybe he wants to create a new territory for American settlers! Maybe Greenland can become the 51st state!

The first reports in response to the news are that Greenland may not be interested. But if Trump wants to make a deal, I’m sure he can.

All of this is speculation at the moment—we don’t know why he is looking into it. But Trump is a man with 1001 ideas.

He’s open to new and innovated areas to explore. That’s what made him such a successful businessman. And that’s what makes his such a cunning and effective president.

So, we don’t know why he’s interested in Greenland right now. But I can promise you, if he does buy it, it’ll be for an amazing purpose.

Previous presidents were always seeking to add to their legacy. They wanted to leave the U.S. with something lasting. Few recent presidents left us with terrible legacies and burdens.

Trump, on the other hand, is trying to give us new land…

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