Trump Enemy CAUGHT – 6 YEARS In Prison…

President Donald Trump, Republicans, and many Americans have been warning about the violent left-wing group Antifa for years.

Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to officially label Antifa a domestic terror group, but not a single Democrat will support it.

But one Antifa member was brought to justice this week and found guilty of carrying out several heinous acts of violence against Trump supporters.

Gage Halupowski was sentenced to almost six years in prison after assaulting a conservative demonstrator in Portland, Oregon, on June 29.

The 24-year-old Antifa member pled guilty to second-degree assault with an expandable baton for an attack that left his victim, Adam Kelly, with a concussion and 25 staples in his head.

Police saw Halupowski collapse the baton after the attack and hide it on his person.

Before Halupowski hit him over the head with baton, Kelly had been trying to help another injured demonstrator.

Another demonstrator who was attacked in the same demonstration, journalist Andrew Ngo, tweeted that his attacker still hasn’t been identified.

“I just got beat up by the crowd, with no police at all, in the middle of the street,” Ngo said during a live-streamed video of the attack at the time.

Ngo tweeted out an image of Halupowski and two other photos of the injuries Kelly sustained during the attack.

Ngo added that Americans should refuse to view Antifa as the nation’s “guardians against fascism.”

“So I don’t see them as just a benign movement of so-called antifascists. I mean, I don’t even give them that propaganda win of calling them antifascists. I say ‘Antifa’ because I want to separate that from antifascism, which to the average person would sound like a very noble thing,” he said.

Antifa is a violent group of hardcore leftists who wear masks, riot gear, and seek to inflict violence against anyone who supports Trump.

The far-left group has been involved in several protests, where Trump supporters, police, and even media reporters have been assaulted by the group’s members during protests.

As evidenced in the video clips, especially the one involving the elderly man, Antifa often uses violence and aggression toward anyone who either supports Trump, Republicans, or goes against them.

Several lawmakers and others have called Antifa a domestic terror group. They wear masks, riot gear, and seek to inflict violence against anyone who disagrees with their progressive viewpoints.

Many have also been urging for tougher measures against this violent leftist group, and the videos showing members of the group assaulting, cursing, and attacking innocent civilians tells people everything they need to know about Antifa.

Despite Antifa being a violent group of hardcore leftists who wear masks, riot gear, and seek to inflict violence against anyone who doesn’t support them — Democrats continue to praise the group.

But at least one of the scumbags just got a dose of reality.

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