Trump Examined By Doctors; White House Releases Results

Top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have had to defend legitimate questions about their shaky medical histories on the campaign trail.

Sanders just suffered a heart attack, and Biden can’t even deliver a coherent sentence without struggling to remember basic facts.

But President Donald Trump was just examined by doctors for his annual examine — and now the results are in.

The president remains healthy as a horse, according to White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

In a statement to reporters on Saturday, Grisham said that Trump is feeling “healthy and energetic” as he begins his third annual physical exam since he took office, the Washington Examiner reports.

Grisham told reporters that Trump began his routine check-up with a “quick exam and labs” at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday.

“Anticipating a very busy 2020, the president is taking advantage of a free weekend here in Washington, D.C., to begin portions of his routine annual physical exam at Walter Reed,” Grisham said in a statement Saturday.

Grisham maintained that the 73-year-old president “remains healthy and energetic without complaints, as demonstrated by his repeated vigorous rally performances in front of thousands of Americans several times a week.”

During an interview over the weekend on Fox News, she said that Trump is “healthy as can be.”

“He’s healthy as can be. He has more energy than anybody in the White House. That man works from 6 a.m. until very, very late at night,” Grisham said.

She added: “Anticipating a very busy 2020, the President is taking advantage of a free weekend here in Washington, D.C., to begin portions of his routine annual physical exam at Walter Reed.”

Grisham added that the president visited an injured Afghanistan veteran and his family while he was at Walter Reed.

She said Trump “stopped by to say hello to the medical staff…to share his thanks for all the outstanding care they provide to our Wounded Warriors, and wish them an early happy Thanksgiving.”

Grisham’s Saturday report on Trump reflected much of what was said after the president’s previous physicals.

In February 2019, White House physician Sean Conley found that Trump was in “very good health overall” and that there were no issues to report.

One year before that, Navy Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson drew a similar conclusion in 2018 and said the president was one of the healthiest people he’s ever examined.

“Some people have just great genes. I told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old,” Jackson said. “He has absolutely no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever.”

Trump took to Twitter to provide an update on his visit and said he will complete the rest of his exam after the New Year.

And for a third year in a row, it’s obvious that Trump is more than ready for another four years in the White House.

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